Category: 3100 Mile Race 2019

  • Day 9… Honestly Happy (June 24)

    All the runners who come to run the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race have to have exceptional capacities and skills.  It is a super-humanly difficult and challenging physical ordeal but as well there is an exceptional battle to be endured here mentally.  If there is anyone who seems to have the exceptional ability to confront the […]

  • Day 8… Work Of A Lifetime (June 23 )

    If there ever was a time that was most spectacular and thrilling to watch the 3100 mile race it would have to been 2015 when Ashprihanal set the current record for the race.  He broke the old mark by nearly a day but what I cannot help but remember from that summer is that over […]

  • Day 7… A Sunlit Path (June 22)

    I found a picture recently of Ananda-Lahari taken at his 2nd 3100 mile race 14 years ago.  It strikes me that in so many ways, to at least my mind’s eye, that he has remarkably changed so little visibly. He continues to appear youthful and his temperament is still sweet, light, cheerful, and kind. My […]

  • Day 6… Impossibility Always Bows (June 21)

    In the last 7 years Vasu has run approximately 21,700 miles around the same Self-Transcendence block.   Considering that he is well on track to completing the 3100 mile distance once again, it will mean that by August this year he will have run a distance that equals the circumference of the earth, 24,901 miles. Photo […]

  • Day 5… Dare to Do (June 20)

    “Yes for sure, I am happy and grateful, to be here again.” On face value, Ushika’s response to my question, how he was doing, would seem unremarkable. Yet when weighed against his herculean efforts over the past 4 soggy days, and not forgetting his completion of the race in 50 days last summer, it is […]

  • Day 4… To Arrive At The Destination (June 19)

    Kaneenika’s arrival at the 3100 mile race for the first time in 2015 was much anticipated.  She had been participating in multi day races for many years previously and had clearly demonstrated her talent and capacity to take on the longest race in the world. This race however bestows its rewards on those who run […]

  • Day 3… What is a Challenge? (June 18)

    There is probably no one more surprised that he is running the 3100 Mile Race this year than Smarana himself.  Most years, not too long ago, it would have been a given.   He completed the race 7 years in a row after all and then their was the infinite break in time of almost 9 […]

  • Day 2… Transformation Embodies (June 17)

    “I still know who I am after one day in the competition.” Todor laughs for I have just asked him who he is.   But in fact he is familiar to many in the ultra running community.  He ran the 6 day race in Flushing Meadow in 2017 and did a very good 442 miles. “I […]

  • Start of 3100…Transcendence is Perfection (June 16)

    Start of the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2019 The board early Harita and Suhasini setting up Pushkar looks on Sahishnu getting one of the counters ready Setting up the live streaming webcams Time passes Still setting up A crew is here from Brazil Kaneenika is unable to run the race this year The world around […]

  • Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race: (June 15) Hope Begins

    The 8 runners in this years Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race Rupantar’s opening remarks at the race meeting Ushika, Todor, and Smarana Suprabha’s short talk