Day 7… A Sunlit Path (June 22)

I found a picture recently of Ananda-Lahari taken at his 2nd 3100 mile race 14 years ago.  It strikes me that in so many ways, to at least my mind’s eye, that he has remarkably changed so little visibly. He continues to appear youthful and his temperament is still sweet, light, cheerful, and kind.

My own image, as well as that of most I know has found that time has not treated our outer appearance with similar generosity.  Which when compared to a man such as Ananda-Lahari who has spent approximately 735 days running continuously on a hard half mile loop suggests that an elixir of youth is somehow imbued into the very fabric of the 3100 mile race.

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Race Photos 2006

I am sure of course that if even a stronger, fitter, braver version of myself had taken up the challenge of the race my own results would be much grimmer if not life threatening.  For I, like a great portion of humanity have but a fragment of the inner devotion and dedication that Ananda-Lahari has for this sacred race.

“I am very very very grateful for the race.  It somehow happens that every year I am here at the starting line and it is amazing.  Unbelievable.   It is a miracle.”

This morning on Day 7 I asked him if he had been happy the whole time thus far this year, and he confessed that no, he had not, but said it all with a smile and sweetness.  He has been bothered by, “Pain and the usual things, that you have to spend your whole day running around the block.  I think it takes a while to accept it and sincerely and sincerely enjoy it, and be happy no matter what.”

When asked how long it would take, “I am almost there but of course there are always challenges.  It is not easy.”

“It is not that there is something beautiful here that draws me back.  I just feel that I want to come back.  It is the thing that I really want to do. It is rewarding for sure.  Especially it intensifies for me my inner cry.  My inner cry for God.  My inner cry to become a better person.  More humble and more pure.

When asked how many times he wants to run the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race, “as many times as possible.”

The board at the start of Day 7

Camp early


Vajra leaves

Ashprihanal arrives





Working on feet

Nearly ready


Start Day 7

A perfect day

Dipali’s Race Tips

“I will let you know when I see the runners coming.  I have an eagle eye view….I mean sparrow eye view of the course.”

Vassu has 436 miles

He ran 63 miles yesterday

He leads Ashprihanal by 31 miles

Sasha cleaning his shoes

Getting helper from Todor



Ashprihanal ran 65 miles yesterday

He has 405 miles

Ashprihanal is 4 miles ahead of Nirbhasa

Staying hydrated

With Bipin checking your a print of the recent BBC article on the race

Link to BBC article


Nirbhasa has 401 miles

He ran 65 miles yesterday

He is 3 miles ahead of Ananda-Lahari

With his helper Yhava


Ananda-Lahari has 398 miles after 6 days

He ran 57 miles yesterday

He is 2 miles ahead of Smarana


Smarana has 396 miles

Smarana ran 62 miles yesterday



Ushika has 359 miles

He ran 58 miles yesterday

With his helper Max


Todor has 343 miles

He ran 59 miles yesterday

With his helper Todor



Harita has 338 miles

She ran 60 miles yesterday

With Anita


“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings when I called you tiny.”

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Impossibility always bows
To humanity’s patience-mountain.

3 thoughts on “Day 7… A Sunlit Path (June 22)”

  1. Thank you for all your effort with the race and on this blog. I guess there’s nothing that can equal actually being there. But I’m totally sure that to some extent it’s an effective window to the race.

  2. It’s so nice to constantly be, to some extent, part of this amazing race, through these interviews, photos, stats, etc… What an beautiful race… What beautiful, amazing people who continue to run even if tired, in pain, and other times in Joy and extacy.
    I can’t believe: I left Queens seven days ago and the runners (and helpers) have not stopped since… Steps of Transcendence… steps of Purity, steps to God, like Ananda Lahari worded it so well.
    “All Your Grace, all Your Grace…”. My body is in Canada… my heart is with you all, and tears of gratitude unite our journey.

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