Day 3… What is a Challenge? (June 18)

There is probably no one more surprised that he is running the 3100 Mile Race this year than Smarana himself.  Most years, not too long ago, it would have been a given.   He completed the race 7 years in a row after all and then their was the infinite break in time of almost 9 years.

It is not clear just how it happened but once again inspiration and enthusiasm and training collected themselves together in this fine Austrian runner and he dedicated himself to coming back once more to run again in 2017.

Now came a brand new experience.   The kind of thing that tugs at your heart, particularly when you are so fond and in admiration of this great runner.  The finish line was not crossed.

So with hope and inspiration somehow renewed, once more he came back last year in 2018.  And once more the story repeated itself.  He smiled, he valiantly tried so so hard again, and yet once more completing the distance remained elusive.

So many hearts ached for him and yet he did not crumble or even once show that he was discouraged.  A champion for 52 days was a task that he was able and willing to do.

This year he runs again and is running with strength and joy and trying to keep a safe distance between himself and the last 2 years.   He says, “definitely a difference from the years before.” Smarana tells me he likes the group of runners assembled this year, “it is a very nice crew.”

“Until March I hadn’t even considered running at all.”  But in April a visit to a well know Ayurvedic local Doctor changed his thinking dramatically.  He suggested in no uncertain terms that he should enter the race.  Smarana is cautious about revealing all what was said in the Doctor’s office.  Clearly the prescription was not a casual pronouncement.  But involved some very specific steps that he would have to undertake in order to achieve success.

“Every race is a story and it is very clear what the story is for this race, and so far I am working on it quite well.”

“He told me, if your overcome (this and that), you will fly in this race. I am working on this and that let’s see if I can grow wings.”

“It shows that everything has to come together here, not just the mind and the body.  All the family members have to come together, and enjoy the feast.  I am trying to get them all into one spot and make it work.”

“I by myself would not have decided on my own to do the race, especially my mind.  Somebody else wanted me to do it so I just let go of everything.  I am surrendering, what ever happens happens.  I will do my best.  I am just going to try and stay in my heart and be happy.  Whatever happens I gladly accept.”

The board after 2 days


Rupantar doing his daily report

Nisanga cleaning up

Ananda-Lahari getting his shoes out

Pushkar and Ushika

Ashprihanal working on his feet

Vasu getting his shoes out.

Harita and Suhasini

Start Day 3

It will be overcast all day with intermittent rain

Vasu is today’s race leader with 162 miles

He ran 79 miles on day 2

Vasu very strong


Nisanga and

Ananda-Lahari has 156 miles

He ran 74 miles yesterday

Talking with Ashprihanal

Rupantar and Bipin


Ashprihanal has 147 miles

He ran 62 miles on day 2


Drying shoe

Putting the camper awning back up

Smarana has 147 miles

He ran 69 miles on day 2

Running well


Sahishnu preparing to update the board

Nirbhasa has 138 miles

He ran 68 miles on day 2

Wardrobe adjustment

With Mario


Boy helpers

Ushika has 137 miles

He ran 64 miles for day 2

Ushika and Max



Todor has 132 miles

He ran 60 miles on day 2

Clearly enjoying himself

Flower (Sri Chinmoy Ultra photos)


Todor and Max

Harita has 125 miles

She ran 57 miles on day 2

Getting some foot care from Mario and Tanya

With her helper


Nirjharini and Anita

Suhasini and Tanya

Sahishnu updating the board

Enthusiasm Awakeners

What is a challenge,
If not a real friend
In disguise
To strengthen us?

4 thoughts on “Day 3… What is a Challenge? (June 18)”

  1. So nice, when you put the sources of aphorisms, the titles of Sri Chinmoy’s books.

  2. Looking at first days’ pictures I get the feeling of a really special atmosphere this year.
    Was similar during the 10 Day in April. Some kind of special blessing and special oneness.
    And as if all our races are one continuous proceeding event spreading over the globe and we all are participating.
    Greatings from Munich and Vienna

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