Day 2… Transformation Embodies (June 17)

“I still know who I am after one day in the competition.”

Todor laughs for I have just asked him who he is.   But in fact he is familiar to many in the ultra running community.  He ran the 6 day race in Flushing Meadow in 2017 and did a very good 442 miles.

“I come from Bulgaria and I work as a naval officer in a Naval Defense college where I am a chief assistant professor.   I love running that is why I am here.  It is an amazing competition and an amazing atmosphere.”  He adds that even though he has competed in races all over the world there is no event that he has entered thus far that compares to the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race.

He is amazed at the feeling of love and support he is receiving from the other runners and also all the organizers and all those who volunteer.  “That feeling is amazing and without it, yesterday would have been much much more difficult for me.”

Todor says that in other competitions he is usually a little faster.  “But here on this concrete with the different weather conditions it is quite complicated.  If the other more experienced runners hadn’t helped me it would have been much different.”

His helper, also named Todor, he says, “helped me a lot.  He is the one who helped the most and without him I would definitely not get 71 miles.”

“My idea yesterday was not to concentrate on speed but instead be steady.  Not to push myself.  If you push yourself you can get more injuries.” Todor is also getting used to just how hard the concrete sidewalk is.

Todor believes that an inner approach to the race is crucial. “If you want to use just your physical to do this I am sure you will find after just one day that it is impossible.  No way.  You have to find some other source.”

“If you go within you will find it easier and just possible to finish the race.”  When obstacles come he feels that you can overcome them with happiness and with inner strength.  You need to have a feeling of oneness with the other runners and with the helpers.”

“We are going forward and forward.”

The board after the first day

Ananda-Lahari arrives

Nisanga washing bananas

Ushika and Nirbhasa

Smarana checking the race report

Harita arrives with Suhasini

Rupantar uploads his daily video

Ushika and Todor

Rupantar and Pushkar going through the sign up book

Start Day 2

The course was overcast and not too hot

Ashprihanal led the field with 85 miles

He pushed hard early

Running with Smarana


Vasu ran 83 miles

Grand Central side

Running with Ushika

Antana counting

Looking for shoes

Doing his daily exercises

Green leaves

Jadranka updating the board

Ananda-Lahari had a strong  first day of 82 miles

“I just love it here.”

He starts his 2nd day with speed


Smarana had 77 miles

Looking strong and relaxed day 2


Ushika did 73 miles

Looking confident

His helper Max along with Yahva

The big picture


Todor had 71 miles

His helper Todor grabbing a short rest


Nirbhasa had 70 miles

Working on some foot issues with Yahva

Time for the powder

Strong on day 2



Harita had 68 miles

Performing a joke with Suhasini

Taking a morning break

Back on the road


Karnayati updating the board


Enthusiasm Awakeners

Transformation embodies
Both today’s pain
And tomorrow’s joy.

2 thoughts on “Day 2… Transformation Embodies (June 17)”

  1. So good to be back with our heroic runners and support people. Forever thank-you to Utpal for taking us along on the self-transcendence road.

  2. Hooray! Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude and Godspeed to all of the amazing runners!
    And thank you Utpal for once again bringing this magical unbelievable race to our homes every day!

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