Day 5… Dare to Do (June 20)

“Yes for sure, I am happy and grateful, to be here again.”

On face value, Ushika’s response to my question, how he was doing, would seem unremarkable. Yet when weighed against his herculean efforts over the past 4 soggy days, and not forgetting his completion of the race in 50 days last summer, it is in truth a remarkable answer.

Over the past 4 days he has accumulated 246 miles, a mere blip, in comparison to the arduous task of completing the additional 2,854 miles that still lies dauntingly in front of him.  He is unequivocal about his eagerness to run here again this summer.  “If I go deep within, it was already clear to me during last years race.”

“Outwardly I was waiting to see how my body would recover before I applied again.  My recovery after the race was good. I even did the August marathon after last years race.  That was good but then I went downhill considerably.”

“It was a difficult time for me.  Not just my body, it was difficult on all levels.  I am definitely planning for a different recovery after this race.”

When asked what he emphasizes in preparing for the race he feels that for him that any preparation is mostly to make his mind more confident.  “You can’t train for a race like this.  But it is still good to do training anyway.”

Ushika says that Rupantar summed up his feeling for the race at the runner’s lunch.  “If God exists, this race is the proof.”

He feels that setting a goal for himself here is futile.  But setting an inner goal is quite a different story.  “Last year I was focusing on gratitude.  This year my focus is on devotion.”

Board after 4 days.  Only 4 of the 8 runners made at least 60 miles yesterday

Nisanga early

Ashprihanal arrives

Garima checking the counting book


Niriha counting early

Garima checking Harita’s feet

Start Day 5

The rain in the morning is sometimes heavy.

Vasu has 303 miles after 4 days.

He ran 71 miles yesterday

His lead over 2nd is 26 miles


Staying dry

Ananda-Lahari has a total of 279 miles

He ran 61 miles yesterday

Ananda-Lahari is 6 miles ahead of 3rd place


Leila checking the counting book


Smarana has 273 miles after 4 days

He ran 62 miles yesterday

He has a lead of 2 miles over 4th place

Smarana is running well



Ashprihanal has 271 miles after 4 days

He ran 57 miles yesterday

He has a one mile lead over 5th place


Nirbhasa has a 4 day total of 270 miles

He ran 66 miles yesterday

He has a lead of 24 miles over 6th place

Green leaves

Ray K and Sahishnu

Ushika has a 4 day total of 246 miles

He ran 52 miles yesterday

He leads 6th place by 11 miles


Going places

Todor has a 4 day total of 235 miles

Todor ran 54 miles yesterday

Getting some aid from Garima


Green leaves

Harita has 226 miles

She ran 49 miles yesterday

Taking a break in medical

Has performed a joke every day for the Enthusiasm Awakeners



Conversation about blisters

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Many people know what to do,
But few care how to do,
And fewer still dare to do.

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