Day 8… Work Of A Lifetime (June 23 )

If there ever was a time that was most spectacular and thrilling to watch the 3100 mile race it would have to been 2015 when Ashprihanal set the current record for the race.  He broke the old mark by nearly a day but what I cannot help but remember from that summer is that over the course of 40 days and 9 hours he single handedly demonstrated transcendence, courage, and stamina in a way the race had never seen.

Photo by Sri Chinmoy Ultra Race Photos

Ashprihanal is unlikely to break any speed records this year but still he is doing something record setting and  heroic as he attempts the race for the 15th time.  When asked about this he makes sure that I include Ananda-Lahari as well joining the 15th year club.

For me the sheer quantity of his numbers are all simply too vast to grab hold of or even comprehend.  By the time he completes the race this summer he will have run 46,500 miles around the block.  When asked if he can understand it all, he says simply, “yes I can.”

Photo by Sri Chinmoy Ultra Race Photos

As he approaches me before our interview, he grasps the revolving cap of a fire hydrant and gives it a little spin.  It is a little ritual that he has been doing probably since his first race here.  He told me once he pretended it was like turning a prayer wheel for good luck.

Other objects that often get his attention include patting particular bushes and trees at regular intervals along the course.  He does it so naturally you have to really watch or he will run by so lightly and swift you won’t even notice.

Day 8 starts out well for Ashprihanal, “the weather is good, I made a small joke with Smarana. (see video) For him as for all the runners keeping joyful is unquestionably important to having a good race.  “In the first races I had try more to be positive.  To change hardships, and work on the mind.  So far it has worked without really working too hard.”

“If I felt negative then I would really start working on it.  Now it has been okay so far.”

“I didn’t train as much this year, but here I am doing pretty good.  I wanted to train and I started.  Then I started building my garage so I stopped then started again.  But I did something (training ) definitely. But not enough.”

Ashprihanal believes that he can get stronger as the race progresses.  “Also I have done it so many years, that it all helps this year.”

And if there is any doubt about his motivation for coming here to run the race at age 48 and run for the 15th time, ” It is for my inner progress and for Sri Chinmoy, that is why I am here.”

The Board at the start of Day 8

Vajra cleaning the course early

Camp early

Ashprihanal arrives



Ushika working on shoes

Harita working on feet



Garima helping Ananda-Lahari

Start Day 8

Another beautiful day

Andy Noise visits

Vasu leads with 501 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

Getting some help from Vajra

Leads by 27 miles


Jadranka updates the board

Ashprihanal has 474 miles

He ran 69 miles yesterday

He is 8 miles ahead of 3rd


“Okay, we have all decided.  We don’t know what it is but for the time being let’s call it breakfast.”

Nirbhasa has 466 miles

Getting some advice from Garima

He ran 65 miles yesterday

Helper Yahva


Andy and Sahishnu

Ananda-Lahari has 457 miles

He ran 59 miles yesterday

A perfect running day


Did not throw in the towel

Smarana has 457 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

Coming through camp


Ushika has 420 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

With Max

A beautiful day


Sahishu updates the board

Todor has 403 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

Running well

With his helper Todor




Harita has 400 miles

Harita ran 61 miles yesterday

With Suhasini

Gaining back miles

With Anita


Sahishnu’s weekly wrap up

Daily poem

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Greatness is a matter
Of a moment.
Goodness is the work
Of a lifetime.
Oneness is the return-journey home
Of Eternity.

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