Day 6… Impossibility Always Bows (June 21)

In the last 7 years Vasu has run approximately 21,700 miles around the same Self-Transcendence block.   Considering that he is well on track to completing the 3100 mile distance once again, it will mean that by August this year he will have run a distance that equals the circumference of the earth, 24,901 miles.

Photo by Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

The significance of the sheer volume of miles appears to have little meaning to Vasu.  He comes and runs his best every morning from 6am until midnight.  It seems clear that what his feet accomplish here are not nearly as interesting and fulfilling as where is heart is taking him.

He, like most of the runners are clearly intent on propelling themselves to a destination in which the finish line is constantly receding.  True transcendence constantly rising upwards by the sheer force of grace, dedication, and a willing body at the true service of the divine within.

Photo by Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“I am feeling good, I hope,” Vasu tells me this morning.  He smiles as he cautiously admits to having some problems.  “Yesterday I got a blister.” For one who is very experienced at all aspects of running here he says that getting a blister for him is not easy. This year he is also at a disadvantage of not having a full time helper as he has had in previous races.

His enthusiasm for being here running on the course is all consuming, “Every time I want to come.”

Vasu says that many things about being in the race give him joy.  He likes his fellow runners, and all those who come and help, but in particular he likes the consciousness that exists tangibly in the small perimeter of the course itself.

When asked if he could not find some place nicer back home he laughs bemusedly . “Consciousness is different there.”

“The consciousness here is higher.  Here there is inspiration and aspiration and I can go inside myself and pray and meditate and be happy.”

The board at the start of Day 6

Nisanga in the camp

Garima setting up the counting boards

Ashprihanal arrives


Niriha is an early counter

Harita getting ready

About to start

Start Day 6

The rain early is heavy and then becomes intermittent.

Vasu has 373 miles after 5 days

Without shoes

He ran 70 miles yesterday

Running with Ashprihanal


Jadranka and Zulma

Ananda-Lahari has 340 miles after 5 days

He ran 61 miles yesterday

Ananda-Lahari is 33 miles behind Ashprihanal


Nirjharini and Mirka

Ashprihanal has 339 miles

Photo by Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

He ran 68 miles yesterday

Ashprihanal is 1 mile behind Ananda-Lahari


Ray K

Nirbhasa has 335 miles

He ran 65 miles yesterday

He is 4 miles behind Ashprihanal


Smarana has 334 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

Getting mail

Smarana is 1 mile behind Nirbhasa


Ushika has 301 miles

He ran 54 miles yesterday


Getting mail


todor haas 283 miles

He ran 47 miles yesterday

Enjoying his experience here


Mail for Todor

Harita has 278 miles

With Mandra

She ran 51 miles yesterday

Being helped by Suhasini


Poem of the day held by Jadranka

Sahishnu and Ray K


Nirjharini and friends

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Impossibility always bows
To humanity’s patience-mountain.

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  1. Amazing athlete warrior Vasu and all the runners. Striking down mile after mile in such inclement conditions. Inspiring. Thanks again Utpal.

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