Day 4… To Arrive At The Destination (June 19)

Kaneenika’s arrival at the 3100 mile race for the first time in 2015 was much anticipated.  She had been participating in multi day races for many years previously and had clearly demonstrated her talent and capacity to take on the longest race in the world.

This race however bestows its rewards on those who run here in many unforeseen ways.  Despite a courageous effort she was unable to complete the distance on her first attempt.  Instead of being disappointed or beaten she then came back the 3 following years and in the process not only completed the race but also set, in 2017, the current women’s record of 48 days and 14 hours.

Now this summer in what would have been her 5th race she is unable to enter due to a knee injury.  This morning I had a chance to speak with her.  “I am definitely missing the race,” she says.

“Until March I was still hoping I would be doing this race and then it was clear that I would not be able.  But I think I am on a good track to recover.”

I suggest that she must have experienced a full spectrum with her 4 previous races.  “It is like life.  You do the same thing every day but every time is different.”

“This experience ( running 3100 ) is really doing me good.  Especially in my inner progress.  I think that is why I am missing the race this year now.  I really feel that this is the place to be for me.”

Kaneenika is clear that there once was a time when she was reluctant to take part in it.  “But when I entered it for the first time it really became a part of my life.”  She says that until she actually ran it she never understood the fascination of those who looked forward to returning year after year.

Nidhruvi once mentioned that if she should ever enter the race she would find herself addicted to it.  “I said, this will never happen to me. But here I am.”

She once asked Vasu if he would come back to the race and he told her, of course, this is my life. “I think this has happened to me too.”

“There is something that draws you here. It is definitely not something that can be explained on an outer level.  As she speaks about her many experiences her she says that all the pain and suffering that she endured here has vanished.  Instead she says she can only see the positive.

The board after 3 days

Vajra leaving after cleaning the course.

Ashprihanal arrives

Nisanga preparing snacks


Harita working on her feet

Vasu, Todor, and Ushika

Start Day 4

Another overcast day with showers about

Vasu leads after 3 days with 232 miles

Vasu ran 69 miles on day 2

He leads by 15 miles


Jadranka updates the board

Ananda-Lahari has 217 miles

He ran 61 miles on day 3


Morning man Nisanga

Ashprihanal has 214 miles

He ran 66 miles on day 3

He is getting into shape as he runs

Trying to understand a joke that he has just received.


Smarana has 211 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

Receiving mail


Nirbhasa has 204 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday



Ushika has 193 miles

He ran 55 miles on day 3



Max with the morning mail

Todor has 181 miles

He ran 48 miles on day 3

Todor and his helper


Snacks have arrived

Harita has 177 miles

Getting ready to take her morning break

Harita ran 52 miles on day 3


Nayaja, Nirjharini, and Leila

Enthusiasm Awakeners

There is only one way
To arrive at the destination:


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  1. Love these personal stories and sharing of thoughts and feelings by these great runners!

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