Category: 3100 Mile Race 2019

  • Day 49…Our Thoughts & Our Deeds (August 3)

    There are more than a few of us, those who are fans of Harita that is, who spent some portion the past few days worrying about her.  The symptoms she had were the kind of spooky variety where you usually gently suggest that they should just go home and take the day off and get […]

  • Day 48…Our Aspiration-Heart (August 2)

    Sporting events have a unique way of capturing our imagination with defining moments of excellence if not transcendence.  Since I was quite small the image of Roger Bannister being the first to break the 4 minute barrier in the mile has always been a feat that continues to inspire me even though that mark has […]

  • Day 47…Of Paramount Importance (August 1)

    “I have to say I am so happy that my heart won over my mind.  To come here and run this year, my mind would never have made the choice.  My heart made the choice instead.” In both 2016 and 2017 Smarana had very challenging experiences at the 3100.  Despite completing the distance 7 years […]

  • Day 46…A Stronger Heart (July 31)

    “Its never over until its over.”  Nirbhasa has had on paper at leas a great race.  As of this morning as he starts the day, in this his 3rd race, he is 9 miles ahead of his previous best.   It is a razor thin margin when you are calculating through all the thousands of miles […]

  • Day 45…An Unprecedented Journey (July 30)

    “My last interview,” Ashprihanal says as he rounds the corner by the handball court. I am standing of course just beyond waiting to greet him but what I see, rather than hear, is just how much he is smiling with an innocent glee.  For now with just a little more than 200 miles more to […]

  • Day 44…Sweet Days and Bitter Days (July 29 )

    I am not sure how long ago I first started keeping my fingers crossed and mumbling little prayers, hoping that Ananda-Lahari not only completes the full distance but also sets a new record for himself in the process.  It has also occurred to me that there are likely others whose twiddling fingers are as agitated […]

  • Day 43…Easily Become Perfect (July 28)

    “I think you have to stay focused until the last step.  You never know what awaits for you.” This morning Kaneenika, the women’s record holder for this event quickly dispelled any notion that the race can get any easier in its precious few waning days.  A prospect that on paper at least seems possible.  Instead […]

  • Day 42…Enthusiasm Is Strength Indomitable (July 27 )

    This morning was just about as spectacular as it gets at the 3100 mile race.  A set of tables groaned with an incredible assortment of goodies, a little machine was blowing an endless stream of bubbles up into the hot morning air, and yes Parvati and the Enthusiasm Awakeners were celebrating another anniversary of this […]

  • Day 41…To Achieve Happiness (July 26 )

    I don’t exactly know, just how many times a day, I am struck by the realization of just how difficult a task the 8 runners at the 3100 actually have.   It comes almost like a flash of light or the sound of a big gong being struck a particularly powerful resonating blow.  It seems to […]

  • Day 40…Time To Be Happy (July 25)

    “I even had my jacket on this morning.  I love it when I freeze in  the New York summer.”  The weather here at the race has always been the most unpredictable force that the runners have to find some way to manage.   Days of heat and days of humidity and days of rain are the […]