Category: 3100 Mile Race 2019

  • Day 39… I Become Everything (July 24)

    Sanjay this morning told me about this interesting reaction he received when he showed his movie at the Road Runners club in Manhattan a few nights ago.  “There is a connection between the 3100 and the Road Runners club,” he says. “So after a screening to a packed house in New York city I did […]

  • Day 38… Today’s Inner Progress (July 23 )

    41 years ago Arpan came up with a great idea to celebrate his birthday.   One which he planned to perpetuate every year.  He called it an ageathon and the formula was simply to run the same number of miles as your age on that day no matter what. As an athletic and very fit 26 […]

  • Day 37…My Inner Faith (July 22)

    When you have so many days of extreme running packed so tightly back to back it is almost impossible to sift through all the days and remember one in particular.   I have a feeling, that despite everything that yet might happen to Smarana here at the race, that July 21st will stand out as a […]

  • Day 36… Inner Running (July 21)

    Every year at this time a city wide handball tournament is held in the park and it draws an enthusiastic and often boisterous crowds.  People interested in the trajectory of hard blue rubber ball smacked against a concrete wall, and understandably not so interested in the shuffling sweating warriors circling round them. The aftermath of […]

  • Day 35…Accomplishing The Impossible (July 20)

    There is a certain kind of shocking wake up call I get every time I look at the live streaming Race Webcam.  The portion of my day spent on the sidewalk with the runners is usually just under 6 hours.  After which it is carrying 3 bags of cameras home and then trying to make […]

  • Day 34…Love The Whole World (July 19)

    “Yes it also made me happy, because there were trees and elephants in the joke.  It is always nice.” Just a few minutes earlier Ashprihanal had told a joke to the Enthusiasm Awakeners.  His partner in the joke telling was Salil who happily played the straight man. “Salil, How is it we do not see […]

  • Day 33…Accomplish The Impossible (July 18)

    *Apologies to all for the sudden disappearance of Perfection Journey.  Due to an errant server issue it went temporarily off the rails.  Only due to the extraordinary efforts of technical support at Vasudeva was the blog guided back onto the tracks and we hope back up to its top speed towards its destination* Conditions yesterday […]

  • Day 32… The Reality of Peace (July 17)

    Yesterday, on his 31st straight day of running Annanda-Lahari ran 77 miles. It was 10 miles further than anybody else had run that day and was only surpassed by his very first day of the race, in which he ran 82 miles. To see him caught up free and unrestrained in the realm of speed […]

  • Day 31…Across Life’s Ocean (July 16)

    I have to remind myself most days that while I had something close to a comfortable night in bed the runners have at best snatched just a few hours of rest. (with or without air conditioning) Harita ran 62 miles yesterday, something that will take me more than a week to do if I am […]

  • Day 30…My Sincere Aspiration (July 15)

    When I look back to this morning when I interviewed Vasu I am still in a kind of state of awe at just how good a person he is.  We all have people, or at least we should have people in our lives that inspire us and lift up our perspective and appreciation of the […]