Day 42…Enthusiasm Is Strength Indomitable (July 27 )

This morning was just about as spectacular as it gets at the 3100 mile race.  A set of tables groaned with an incredible assortment of goodies, a little machine was blowing an endless stream of bubbles up into the hot morning air, and yes Parvati and the Enthusiasm Awakeners were celebrating another anniversary of this understated but hugely significant group of girl singers.

It is really the simplest of things to drag yourself out of bed and stand with a bunch of other girls in matching t shirts and go through a hand clapping repertoire of songs that lasts about 40 minutes.  It is quite something else to do this with energy and joy and absolute commitment for more than a decade.  I am in awe and admiration for this little miracle that has played out for so long and so beautifully here at the race.

“July 27 marks the anniversary when Guru gave Parvati’s singing group the name Enthusiasm Awakeners. That’s today and we are celebrating here at the 3100 with lots of prasad,”said Paree this morning.

“We used to sing here at the 3100 starting in 2006.”  Innocently enough  Parvati chose the race as a venue to honor Sri Chinmoy’s 75th birthday that year by singing 75 songs a day for 19 days.

Parvati said, When I mentioned this upcoming project to Sri Chinmoy, he was delighted but also wondered how many singing group members would actually come — and how many would ‘make friends with the goddess of sleep’. To our delight, Sri Chinmoy would often drive by our group singing and later in the summer began to stop and teach us a brand new song.

Paree smiles and her hand reaches out towards the end of the block as she describes the daily arrival of Sri Chinmoy’s little red car.

“It started out as this limited project and then became a tradition.  There is such a special relationship between this group of girls singing and the runners.  It is so sweet.  We come out to support them by singing Guru’s songs, offering Guru’s songs which is what we can do.”

On their part some of the runners perform little skits.  “It is just adorable.  It is such a cute relationship.  It feeds everybody.  It feeds everybody on every level.”

“The runners enjoy it.  The singers enjoy it.”  Paree says the membership is simply open to any girl who wants to come.  “She has made it extremely easy for anyone.”

“It is so fun.  Somehow it is easy to wake up in the morning.”

The Board at the Start of Day 42

Camp early


Anupam setting up the cameras







Start of Day 42

A bright pleasant morning

Ashprihanal has 2696 miles

He ran 62 miles

He made 2700

photo by Dipali

Leads Nirbhasa by 75 miles


Aharan x 3

Nirbhasa has 2621 miles

Ran 64 miles

With his helper

Running well once again


Mandra and Suhasini after 2 mile race

Kagni updates the board

Vasu has 2562 miles

He ran the most miles with 69

Vajra helps with a foot problem.  Suggests cutting the shoe

Making 2600

photo by Garima

Running very well once again

Leads Ananda-Lahari by 1 mile



Fist bump

Ananda-Lahari has 2561 miles

He ran 51 miles

Through camp



Launa and sandalwood

Smarana has 2499 miles

He ran 54 miles

Making 2500 on his first lap this morning

photo by Garima


Sahishnu and board


Harita has 2488 miles

She ran 60 miles

Making 2500

45 miles above the magic number




Todor has 2450 miles

He ran 63 miles

Getting help from Vajra

He is 7 miles above the magic number


Nose to nose


Ushika has 2336 miles

He ran 53 miles

Art from Sandro



“I keep telling you, you have the wrong address.  Joe moved out ages ago.”

Poem of the Day held by Parvati and some of her group

My heart lives on
God’s Compassion-tears.
I live on
God’s Forgiveness-Smiles.

Sri Chinmoy

July 27th, 2006



Time for treats

Savita and friends





Enthusiasm Awakeners

Is strength indomitable
In the inner life.

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  1. Hridayinee Williams says:

    Yay Parvati! Yay Paree! Hooray for the Enthusiasm Awakeners group and their special service daily! I have such wonderful memories of singing with them each morning of the race and on anniversary day for the 2 or 3 years I’ve been in N.Y. for the 3100 mile race. A definite highlight which feeds the runners souls and energy each morning. Thank you and HAPPY name anniversary!!

  2. nirmala says:

    That’s amazing, that’s perfect timimg.
    Did you see that Ashprihanal
    reached 2700 mile on the 27th of July.

  3. Kamaneeya says:

    So much light and joy on this special day!

    I cannot imagine the Race without Enthusiasm Awakeners. As Paree said, the group has such a special and beautiful connection with the runners.

    Happy anniversary!

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