Day 49…Our Thoughts & Our Deeds (August 3)

There are more than a few of us, those who are fans of Harita that is, who spent some portion the past few days worrying about her.  The symptoms she had were the kind of spooky variety where you usually gently suggest that they should just go home and take the day off and get well.

The Self-transcendence race is however not the kind of place that the runners who come here ever simply meekly follow the breadcrumbs back home.  Harita is not that kind of runner or that kind of woman.

There is a resilient toughness built into her along with a keen intellect, and I guess you better at this point add a healthy dose of poise and patience.  Harita’s dad Phillip who just came today said that even as a little girl she was advanced beyond her years.   As of last night she prodded and pushed a queasy body to 59 miles and seems to have found herself back in that final charge to the finish line.

“You never really know probably until the last mile.  I am feeling much better for sure.  I am still on track to finish within the 52 days.  Which is great so I feel very blessed.  I am feeling a lot better.”

During the rough spell she says she wasn’t too worried.  “One part of me was.  A huge part of the experience of this race is to just keep going forward.  When challenges arise you face them and try to figure them out.  Do your best and have faith, that everything will work out.”

“I was a bit sick but it wasn’t different than other challenges at the race.”

“Every day is so big.  I really want to absorb everything at the end of the race.  Right now I am having the experience of today.  I definitely have had a lot of hard times, challenging times, and really beautiful times as well.”

Harita says that she is not one who has high revelatory experiences.  I just feel so grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve God in his own way and really be at the forefront of my own capacity.”

“I think so often in our lives, that we fashion ourselves to be well within our comfort zone.  It is only when you challenge those comfort zones that you find real fulfillment, but some times you can trick yourself into what a real challenge is.  This race is definitely a real challenge.  It brings out a lot of things in me that are challenging but also so extremely rewarding.”

“Some of the nicest moments are running at night, when it is really peaceful, and dark and quiet.  You feel like it is just you and your breath.  The sky and stars.  It is so unusual and yet so profoundly normal feeling at the same time.”

The Board at the Start of Day 49

Camp early


Rupantar and no Ashprihanal

Ozod greets Ananda-Lahari

Vajra leaves

Harita arrives

Nirbhasa’s last morning

Anupam gives Swamiji a 3100 mile race shirt

Last morning

Start of Day 49


Ashprihanal decides to take part in another race across the street

A little over 14 minutes for 2 miles

Nirbhasa has 3064 miles

He ran 66 miles


36 miles to the finish line


Nirbhasa finishes today

Suhasini and Antana in 2 mile race


Vasu has 3018 miles

He ran 65

Scheduled to finish at noon tomorrow

Still exercising

Doing his best



Phillip and Mandra

Ananda-Lahari has 2966 miles

He ran 44 miles

Made 3000 today

picture by Dipali

Doing well


Photographer Ashprihanal

Smarana has 2912 miles

He ran 57

188 more miles



Harita has 2882 miles

She did 59 miles

Dog break

22 miles above the magic number


Shoes on

Todor has 2840 miles he needs to pick up 20 miles in the next 4 days

“We all are hoping for him.”

He did 65 miles

Looking strong again today



Ushika has 2543 miles

He did 54 miles

With Max


A picture of Ashprihanal that became popular



I see you

A few days ago Ashprihanal found a large feather and liked it so much he put it in his hat.  Yesterday about the time he finished a red tailed hawk appeared on top of the flagpole in front of the school.  When Harita saw Ashprihanal today she told him that the bird had come to watch his finish.

Just as she did so the hawk once again flew up onto the flagpole.


Poem of the Day held by Vesi

Is God’s microphone.

Sri Chinmoy

Aug. 3rd, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Our thoughts make us know
What we unmistakably are.
Our deeds make others know
What we undeniably are.

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