Day 40…Time To Be Happy (July 25)

“I even had my jacket on this morning.  I love it when I freeze in  the New York summer.”  The weather here at the race has always been the most unpredictable force that the runners have to find some way to manage.   Days of heat and days of humidity and days of rain are the 3 foes of every summer time race here. You can’t beat them but somehow instead must resolve to work out a relationship of compromise and acceptance. Coax out of a hard day as many laps as you can and hope they add up to 109.

Today only 3 runners made it past 60.  Unusual unless you consider the devastating affect the weather has had over the past several days.  An inevitable price must be paid.  So Ushika, who wore a coat this morning says, “definitely the outer circumstances have brought more joy to my running.”

“Each and every day is different.  Each day has a  new challenge and a new joy.  There is always something new coming up.  Meanwhile I am always looking forward to see what is coming up, even if it is a challenge.”

“You crack one issue and then the next one pops up.  It is a nice game.”

“I just had an experience yesterday.  Not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined, that I would think at one point that this race is too short.  But yesterday my mind was thinking that it is too short.  I want more.”

Ushika says he doesn’t fully understand but the experience was clear.  “I had a desire for more.  To dive deeper into the matter.  Dive deeper into the race.   Dive deeper into myself.  To discover more sooner. I got a taste for it and now I want more besides all the challenges.”

The Board at the start of Day 40

Camp early





Rupantar’s daily report



Ashprihanal and Smarana

Some clock woes


Start Day 40

A pleasant day

Ashprihanal has 2594 miles

He ran the most miles yesterday with 64

He has a lead of 84 miles



Nirbhasa has 2510 miles

He had a tough day of 42 miles

Will find the answers

Doing well



Ananda-Lahari has 2457 miles

He did 55 miles

Shortest of possible breaks

24 miles ahead of Vasu


A birthday cake

Vasu has 2433 miles

He did 49 miles


picture perfect

Smarana has 2393 miles

He did 57 miles

Smarana makes 2400

He leads Harita by 25 miles

Doing very well



Harita has 22368 miles

She was one of the 3 to make 60 miles

Making 2400

Photo by Garima




Todor has 2324 miles the magic number

He ran 60 miles

Very good


Ushika has 2037 miles

He ran 46 miles

The long journey




Anita’s birthday

Poem of the Day held by Anita

My heart is desperate
For God’s Compassion.
I am desperate
For God’s instruction.

Sri Chinmoy

July 25th, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

There is only one time
To be happy,
And that time
Is now!

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  1. kaushalya says:

    What a great interview with the noble Ushika! So many sides of these 8 diamonds we are getting to know over 40 days. Thank you, Utpal for these daily treasures.

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