Category: 3100 Mile Race 2016

  • July 20… To Be More Inside

    I asked Surasa the question that I suspect many people have been wondering.  How are you? “If you don’t ask about my legs than I am fine.” Surasa never stops smiling and for the past week she has more or less not stopped walking.  What is not within her reach right now seems to be […]

  • July 19… An Amazing Experience

    “I am alive and happy.” Speaking with Yuri this morning he somehow makes what he has just done look deceptively easy.  Late yesterday evening he completed 2000 miles.  For the few who were there to witness it. Some bells were rung and he slowed for just a moment and then quickly kept going.  He still […]

  • July 18… Step By Step

    “This is the quietest area at least at night time.” Ananda-Lahari points his right hand towards a low brick wall where the Enthusiasm Awakeners sing each morning and also were Sri Chinmoy once used to come as well and practice his music. It is a typical Sunday afternoon at the 3100 mile race and for […]

  • July 17… Stay in a Good Consciousness

    “If the 3100 mile race is at one end of the race spectrum the 2 mile race is at the other end.  At the beginning.” I spoke with Nirbhasa just after he finished running in the Self Transcendence 2 mile race on Saturday.  He was in the top 3 and so for his achievement he […]

  • July 16… The Vision Of The Race

    “Inwardly it is definitely a good morning.” I am moving along with Stutisheel this morning at a pace that even by my standards is leisurely.   For the great champion Stutisheel who is here for the 12th time it cannot help but feel that it is agonizingly slow. Yet this is all he has right now […]

  • July 15… A Simple Life To Be Perfect

    Today presented an unmistakable reckoning with just how hot and humid it can get during the 3100 mile race.  Not a record setting one to be sure but still the kind of day when doing anything outdoors is hard little alone trying to run 60 miles. When I catch up with Baladev he is mixing […]

  • July 14… Everybody Inspires Me

    When compared to all of the great and all of the terrible events happening in the world right now clamoring for our attention.  One man in New York having a problem with a blister would not seem to worthy of any notice what so ever. But to all those who follow and identify with this […]

  • July 13… My Capacity

    Atmavir is running the 3100 mile race for the 9th time.  At the start of day 25 he has now completed 1659 miles and is now officially the race leader.  Which is not something he is all that much interested in. What we observers should appreciate however is that the circumference of the earth is […]

  • July 12… Right Direction

    “Amazing.  It is a happy day.  There is happiness everywhere.” “Sometimes there is more happiness and sometimes there is less.  But now there is happiness practically every day with me.” Yuri has a unique way of being able to describe something that is really hard as being beautiful.  At the same time he made the […]

  • July 11… Go On and On

    “It is perfect weather.  Perfect temperature but there could be a few more clouds.” Yesterday Ashprihanal finished up his 22nd day of running on the course.  Most will know of course that he has been here many times before.  That in fact this is the 14th time he has spent his summer running around Thomas […]