July 19… An Amazing Experience

“I am alive and happy.”

Speaking with Yuri this morning he somehow makes what he has just done look deceptively easy.  Late yesterday evening he completed 2000 miles.  For the few who were there to witness it. Some bells were rung and he slowed for just a moment and then quickly kept going.  He still has a long long way to go.

Today it is day 31, which will mean he has spent a full month circling Thomas Edison High school.  His 2009 miles (3,233km) would take him just about to the coast of Portugal from his home in Vinnitsa in Ukraine

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.33.05 PM

“My body is not used to the heat.  That is why I have to put in a lot of effort in order to overcome it.”

Of course it has been hot and humid for the past few days but today is a delightful break for Yuri and all the runners.

As a comparison, the temperature today in Vinnitsa is 68 F (20 C).  Where as the typical temperature here is in the high 80’s F ( near 30C)


“There are many ways to overcome it.  Dr Kumar recommends salt water with lemon.  I also take special pills that protect me from the heat.  I put ice underneath my hat and when that doesn’t help I take ice into my hands.  The most important thing though is your inner state.”

“I begin to pray and this prayer makes me whole.  Then nothing from the outer world can harm me.  It is a very strong method.”

Yuri video lyalya*translation by Lyalya*

“I have already said that the first half of the race is very hard.  But in the second half of the race you open up.  You are very receptive.  I had an experience in the evening just as everything was starting to cool down.  All the confusion and noise was gone.”

“I was very relaxed but at the same time very focused.  In one moment I felt as though I was expanding.  At the same time I became more subtle.  It lasted for what seemed a long time.”

yuri behind-1350299

“I felt as though I became the size of the whole universe.  I was in every dot of the universe.  I was everywhere and everything was in me.  At the same time I was very subtle.  I felt as though I was almost invisible.  I was very receptive.  I could still feel everything.”

“This was a very strong inner experience.  I have never had anything like this before.  It comes again and again when you immerse yourself in this state of being.”

“It is an amazing experience.”

flower yuri-1350453

Morning begins.
I begin to pray.
God begins to give.
In silence supreme
He gives me His All.

Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, Part 20, Agni Press, 2003

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The Board



pre wide-1350208

How it looks a little later

pre wide-1350226

The van comes

pre van-1350209

Vajra leaves

pre vajra-1350207

Kaneenika comes

pre kaneenika-1350211

Misha reading

pre misha-1350223

Stutisheel had the best day yesterday 64 miles

pre stutisheel-1350219

Surasa checking the sheet

pre surasa-1350215

Some drink from last night

pre ashprihanal-1350217


pre ananda-lahari-1350227

Dirty laundry

pre stutisheel-1350225

Start Day 31


First steps

first steps-1350232

It will be a great day on the course

wide gc-1350235


flower atmavir-1350388

Atmavir had 43 miles yesterday


He now has 2020 miles and is 60 miles ahead of last year


Today is cooler and he is moving better

atmavir behind-1350248


flower atmavir-1350446

Yuri did 63 miles yesterday


He has 2009 miles.  Staying cool

yuri sponge-1350449

By the fence

flower yuri-1350447

“Yah, I thought I was going to Rio this year.  But in the trials I hit the last hurdle.  Don’t count me out for 2020 in Tokyo.  I am only 2 years old after all.”


Tech talk


Almost unnoticed


No squirrels and no obstacles

flower ashprihanal-1350430

Coming into camp

camp ashprihanal-1350567

Ashprihanal did 60 miles.  Still not feeling 100%


He has 1992 miles


Working on a play with Stutisheel

stutisheel ashprihanal-1350538

These are my golden children

When they run,

every breath of theirs enters into my heart-

affection, love, sweetness, and fondness for them.

Sri Chinmoy

flower ashprihanal-1350404

Morning glory

flower vasu-1350441

Vasu continues to improve a little each day.  He also had 60 miles

vasu good-1350291

He has 1949 miles


Past the trees

flower kaneenika-1350455

Kaneenika had 63 miles

kaneenika good-1350316

She now has 1914 miles and is 114 miles ahead of last year

kaneenika akbota-1350563


flower kaneenika-1350443

Surasa had 46 miles


She now has 1880 miles.  Still 21 miles ahead of last year


She is confident and cheerful

camp surasa-1350573

Service road

flower surasa-1350238

Sopan did 44 miles

sopan ananda-lahari-1350500

He has 1728 miles


Heading out past a gladiola

flowe sopan-1350570

Wide camp

wide camp-1350440

Baladev did 51 miles


He has 1707 miles



flower final-1350234

Stutisheel did the most miles of anybody yesterday, 64.


He has 1699 miles


Nirjharini and the cooks have come

camp stutisheel-1350574

Fixing shoes

flower stutisheel-1350445

Ananda-Lahari did 45 miles




He has 1600 miles


Past the fence

flower parvati-1350396

“I like everything.”  Udbhasita has been working with the kitchen crew since the beginning of the race as well as singing with the Enthusiasm Awakeners.

“For me singing is a very very important part of my spiritual life.  Very often it works better for me than meditation itself.  Singing for me is a very good form of meditation.  It is something that can really take me within myself.”


Special attention


“I am trying to do this same thing when I work in the kitchen as well.  I try and really dedicate my work to the highest, and also try and work with love.”

“But of course when you get busy, you have to concentrate.  Sometimes it is easy and then again sometimes it can be on the mental level.  But when I sing I can always just dive deep within.  It is like a flow of meditation.”

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Alakananda Reads the Daily Poem

poem alakananda-1350433

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Poem Alakananda

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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On earth my experience is helplessness, utter helplessness.

In Heaven my experience is satisfaction, constant satisfaction.

In God my experience is perfection, total perfection.

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