July 17… Stay in a Good Consciousness

“If the 3100 mile race is at one end of the race spectrum the 2 mile race is at the other end.  At the beginning.”

I spoke with Nirbhasa just after he finished running in the Self Transcendence 2 mile race on Saturday.  He was in the top 3 and so for his achievement he was presented a banana.  And as he said, the 2 mile race, which may take up to 18 minutes, can in any way compare to the 3100.

A race that as of today has just completed 28 days.  The total distance covered by all the runners in that time is 19,427 miles.

At this same point last year Nirbhasa had completed 1667 miles.  He has had first hand experience in every way with the 3100 and now that a few runners are struggling I ask him if he ever felt overwhelmed by it all.

“You definitely don’t do a race like this without really going up against it.  In terms of tiredness, in terms of injuries that fall across your way.”

“It is kind of interesting now because a lot of runners in this race have got different injuries and different conditions.  Fortunately for most of them they have done the race many times before.  You can see that they really understand that most important thing in minimizing their injury, and also trying to keep up as many miles as possible is to stay happy.”

“To stay in a good consciousness and to be cheerful.”

July 19 2015
July 19 2015

“Somehow when you are happy you just carry less weight around the course.  You are lighter and you are somehow able to move more easily.”

Nirbhasa then tells a story about 2 disciples of  the great Indian Spiritual Master Rama Krishna, who were able to not be trapped by ignorance by using 2 quite different methods.  One, Vivekananda could expand his consciousness and break the bonds constricting him.  The other Nag Mahasaya was so humble that he, “would get smaller and smaller and then simply slipped through the net.”

July 12 2015
July 12 2015

“For the 3100 mile runners that is what we kind of have to do.  When we are confronted with all of these problems.  You really  have to become very cheerful and light of mind.  Slip through the problems that way.”

“It is amazing when you see some of the runners experiencing problems at the moment.  How they are able to still keep up a reasonable level of mileage.   It certainly slows them down it certainly means lost miles.  But if they weren’t happy it would be infinitely infinitely worse.”

flower nirbhasa-1340443

Be kind, be all sympathy,
For each and every human being
Is forced to fight against himself.

The Board


5:43, all quiet

pre clock-1340519

The van arrives

pre van-1340522

Vasu drops his laundry

pre vasu-1340540

Misha yawns

pre yuri-1340529

Stutisheel and Atandra working on shoes

pre stutisheel-1340537

Baladev on his bike

pre baladev-1340532

The girls

pre girls-1340541

Rupantar checking the counting book

pre rupantar-1340539

Today’s sponsor

pre appreciation-1340542

Start Day 29

start-1340544Early morning overcast skies

wide gc ananada-lahari-1340554

Atmavir did 64 miles


He now has 1929 miles and is 104 miles ahead of last year


In the clover

flower atmavir-1340551

Yuri had 65 miles

yuri behind-1340645

He now has 1879 miles.  He has just put ice on his head

yuri hat-1340832


flower ashprihanal-1340668

Ashprihanal did the most of anyone with 70 miles


He now has 1865 miles


A different view

flower ashprihanal-1340705

“What sandwich.  Do I look like a sandwich thief.”


Bigger than you think


Aleksei keeping a journal


Just a little

flower vasu-1340653

Vasu is improving a little bit each day as his blister heals.  He did 54 miles


He has 1828 miles



flower vasu-1340688

Aleksei picks and washes grass to put on Vasu’s feet.


Kaneenika did 64 miles

kaneenika akbota-1340836

She now has 1787 miles


She is 109 miles ahead of last year.


This is the end of 4 weeks of running.

kaneenika irina-1340673

How to relieve stress



flower counting-1340694

Surasa did 54 miles


She now has 1778 miles.  Putting a wet sponge in her hat.

surasa sponge-1340690

She is gradually getting over her shinsplints.




flower final-1340665

Misha learning music

misha music-1340687

The fence


Sopan did 61 miles.  A number he must now do at least every day.

sopan board-1340834

He now has 1632 miles



The Enthusiasm Awakeners will have their anniversary on the 27th

sopan wide-1340660

By the curb

flower sopan-1340549

Baladev did 60 miles.  He now has 1603 miles


Past the garden


Sponge bucket

flower stutisheel-1340700

Stutisheel did 31 miles


He now has 1561 miles.  This evening he was running well.



flower stutisheel-1340803

Ananda-Lahari did 47 miles.  He has 1507 miles


Coming through camp

flower ananda-lahari-1340698

“This is my first time at the race.”  Tamara has been coming regularly to the race this year

“I am very happy here.  I get energized here.  I want to share my happiness with the runners so that they can grow wings.  So that the distance can pass under their feet with lightness.”


“Of course I have heard about the race before.  I have followed the race a lot.  We are their biggest fans, of course.”

“When hear of the runners success we feel that we are doing also well.”


“We send the runners positive thoughts and vibrations so that they can have victory over themselves.”

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Sahishnu and his weekly report.


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Across the road

flower final-1340553

Antana reads the Daily Poem

poem antana-1340676

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Poem antana

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Do not wait until you have
A perfect consciousness!
It is always better
To serve God
And to do something good
For humanity

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  1. Thank you so much. I’ve absolutely loved following the Race each day here. Now I can’t stay away anymore! In the morning I’m jumping on a plane or 3 and heading over from New Zealand to New York to be of a little service to the divine hero runners. So see you all soon after nearly 30 hours travel! 🙂 Gratitude

  2. Thank you for giving us this oneness experience in self-transcendence. We learn so much that is invaluable for all of us, how to divinely go the distance, cheerfully. Smiles and gratitude!

  3. Thank you so much Utpal! For 4 weeks you have been bringing us news, loads of inspiration and also beauty and joy! I very much enjoy the music you choose for your interviews too. Amazing job! Thank you 🙂

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