July 20… To Be More Inside

I asked Surasa the question that I suspect many people have been wondering.  How are you?

“If you don’t ask about my legs than I am fine.”

Surasa never stops smiling and for the past week she has more or less not stopped walking.  What is not within her reach right now seems to be the ability to run.

The pain from shinsplints has restricted her mobility but not her poise.  A solution seems painfully elusive as does now the likelihood of breaking her own world record from last year.

“It doesn’t want to leave me.  I have to kick it out.  But I don’t know how to kick it out.”  Yesterday after Mitch the chiropractor adjusted her she had a few sweet precious hours of freedom.

But the pain soon came back as did the frustration of a problem that seem not to have any solution.  Or at least a quick and easy one at this time.

surasa good wide-1350705

“I think the solution is to pray more.  To be more inside.”

“The character of the race now is totally different.”  Surasa describes that it is actually harder to walk now than it was earlier to run before she had the problem.  She feels that going slower takes even more energy than when she can run freely.

“It takes so much effort just to move forward.”

surasa good-1350776

“I can only say thank you, thank you to all those who are thinking about me.  It is always very very touching when I hear people say, that they pray for me.  It really touches me deeply.”

“Each ultra runner eventually has this same experience.  That an injury comes.  In this race so many are suffering.”

surasa camp-1350856*with Vishvarupani*

“I am so spoiled.  In the last few races I had no problems.  Now I have a new experience.  It is okay.”

“I think it is so important to stay positive.  No matter what happens we always have to accept all the things that come.  It is just part of the race.  So it doesn’t make sense if you complain.   You just loose energy.  It is so important to have positive thoughts.”

flower surasa-1350741

My Lord,
Do give my heart the strength
To love You most intensely.
My Lord,
Do give my life the strength
To need You most sincerely.
My Lord,
Do give my legs the strength
To run most speedily.
My Lord,
Do give me the strength
To manifest You here on earth
Most unconditionally.

Sri Chinmoy, My Race-Prayers, part 2, Agni Press, 2006

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The Board


Nobody here just yet

pre clock-1350580

“I had a really tough night.  I just need a little rest.   O, and let me know when the sandwiches come… I mean Stutisheel.”

pre squirrel-1350582

The van arrives

pre van-1350583

Vasu and Ananda-Lahari

pre vasu-1350597

Baladev reading the results.

pre baladev-1350598

Very popular activitiy

pre girls-1350587

Rupantar making his video

pre rupantar-1350589

The race leader Atmavir arrives.  Today is his birthday.

pre Atmavir-1350596

No obstacles

pre yuri-1350592

Start Day 32


The entire group slowly walks along singing to Atmavir the birthday song

first steps-1350602

It is a gorgeous morning and will be a beautiful day to run

wide gc-1350609

Atmavir had a very good 65 miles yesterday


He now has 2085 miles.  The Enthusiasm Awkeners sing for him and he in turn offers all the girls and all the runners flowers.

atmavir enthusiasm-1350720

Nirjharini and the kitchen crew have made a cake

flower atmavir-1350858

Once again he stops as the birthday song is sung in his honor

atmavir cake-1350859

The weather is about to change

flower atmavir-1350739

The next few days look to be hot and muggy

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.59.26 PM

Yuri also had 65 miles


He now has 2074 miles


Time passes

flower ashprihanal-1350851

Ashprihanal had the most miles yesterday 66


He now has 2059 miles


Having a laugh

ashprihanal stutisheel-1350833

Ashprihanal is just 15 miles behind Yuri and 29 miles behind Atmavir


Not perfect

flower -1350614

Vasu did 62 miles yesterday


He has done a little more miles each day for the past week.  He now has 2011 miles


Nobody else

flower -1350742

Aleksei preparing Vasu’s drink


Coming into camp

flower kaneenika-1350744

Kaneenika did 63 miles


She now has 1977 miles.  She is 117 miles ahead of last year.


Kodanda playing music in the field


So delicate

flower final-1350613

Surasa did 53 miles.  She now has 1933 miles.  She is still 10 miles ahead of her world record pace from last year.


Sopan from a distance

flower sopan-1350623

Sopan did 50 miles yesterday.  He now has 1778 miles



flower final-1350737

Baladev did 48 miles


He now has 1756 miles


Sushuti counting Baladev

counting baladev-1350862

Coming into camp

flower stutisheel-1350743

Stutisheel did 63 miles


He performs a solo skit this morning

stutisheel play-1350718

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He now has 1762 miles

stutisheel camp-1350853

Ananda-Lahari on the service road

flower -1350616

Ananda-Lahari had 44 miles.  He now has 1645 miles




Some false images coming through the webcam


Uddipan updates the board

uddipan board-1350849

“I am absolutely thrilled to be here.  It is amazing.  It is a dream come true.”  Hridayinee has just come to the race after traveling the long journey from New Zealand.

“I got in at 11 o’clock last night.  So this morning was my first experience of the race this year.  I have just sung with the Enthusiasm Awakeners and seen everyone.”


“I think I will get more of a feeling for the race soon.  I think every time you are here it is different.  It is an amazing feeling.”

When asked what inspired her to come so far to be here.  “It was just a strong feeling that I wanted to be a part of the race.  I feel very much entwined with the race.  It felt as though a part of my being had already come over.  When the race began.  So that only left a part of me back home.:

“By following it every day on Perfection Journey I felt very very connected to the runners.”

“I was able to organize my outer life and come here.  But before I came it was harder and harder to stay away than it was to travel from New Zealand and come here.”


Hridayinee has helped for many years at the 6 and 10 day race each Spring.  I ask her what the difference there is between the races.  “The 10 day race has also become a big part of my life.  I have been there for many years now.”

“But this race I think just the enormity of it.  The length of it is incredible.  It is mind blowing.  The athletes run 18 hours a day, every day for up to 52 days.  It is much more a communal feeling.  Anybody can come at any time of the day or night and support the runners.”

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Poem of the Day


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Poem Jowan

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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The more you love the divinity
Inside your life,
The sooner God’s Reality
Will flower inside your heart.

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