July 12… Right Direction

“Amazing.  It is a happy day.  There is happiness everywhere.”

“Sometimes there is more happiness and sometimes there is less.  But now there is happiness practically every day with me.”

Yuri has a unique way of being able to describe something that is really hard as being beautiful.  At the same time he made the psychological turn for home last night when he finished the day with 1551 miles.

“The second half is easier.”

yuri wide-1320901

“When you are running in the first half it is like running in a forest.  Everything is unclear.  There is rain.  There are obstacles.  The branches from the trees are in your face and are scratching you.  You fall down and then you are rising up again.”

“Half way through it feels as though you have come out of the forest unto a sunlit path.”

silouhete yuri-1270290

“In the far distance you can see that there is a castle.  You know that this is the castle of God.  This is the goal to which we are all aiming to reach.”

“From that castle comes a very special light, and it penetrates into your heart.  Even if I closed my eyes I can still feel that light and it will always show me the right direction.”

“There will still be some turns and falls but the light continually guides me in the right direction.  It is always there.”

“Right now is an amazing time for all the runners.  For our inner progress and our inner oneness with the Supreme.  That is why I am happy.”

yuri good-1320757

I ask Yuri if he will be even happier when he reaches 3100 miles?

“When I approach the house and knock on the door.  God will tell me, come on in my child.  It will be amazing happiness.  It is the meeting of oneness.  It is light that cannot be put into words.”

“It is because of this that we are here, and overcoming these obstacles.  But that which is waiting for us just up ahead justifies everything that we are doing here in order to reach that goal.”

flower yuri-1320979

To help others go
In the right direction,
We must go in that direction

An empty camp

pre flower-1320672

Misha setting up

pre camp-1320671

Vajra picking up at the crack of dawn

pre vajra-1320679

The van arrives

pre van-1320674

Yuri arrives with a laundry bag

pre yuri-1320678

Rupantar preparing his daily video

pre rupantar-1320681

Yuri gets a yogurt.

pre yuri-1320685

A discussion about something

pre misha-1320684

Ashprihanal getting ready

pre ashprihanal-1320680

Vasu arrives

pre vasu-1320702

A big yawn

pre kaneenika-1320691

Time passing

pre camp-1320698

Cutting a shoe

pre baladev-1320696

Girls are ready

pre girls-1320697

Start Day 24


First steps

first step-1320708

Vasu is the race leader as of this morning

vasu 1600-1320986

He remains incredibly positive but he is having a severe blister problem


He did 57 miles yesterday but today he is mostly walking

vasu feet-1320950

He gets some help from Vajra this morning

vasu vajra-1320712

He has completed 1600 miles, which puts him 11 miles ahead of last years total.


The fence


Atmavir again did the most miles for the day with 66.


He has 1593 miles.

atmavir wide-1320917

Atmavir is 114 miles ahead of last year


A little bird


Yuri did 65 miles.

yuri wide-1320937

He has 1551 miles, which puts him 29 miles ahead of last year.


Later in the morning Dr. Mitch Proffman works on Yuri’s hip.  He took a fall a couple of days ago and needed an adjustment.

mitch yuri-1330068

Healing hands.  He feels a lot better.

mitch yuri-1330069


flower ashprihanal-1320987

Ashprihanal did 64 miles

ashprihanal good-1320818

He has 1521 miles


Getting ready to fly


“Alright already.  So you had a bad night.  Don’t take it out on me.”


Surasa coming

camp wide-1320983

Surasa did 63 miles


She has 1487 miles


She is 74 miles ahead of last year

surasa behind-1320973

Trumpet vine

flower surasa-1320978

Kaneenika did 64 miles


She has 1466 miles

kaneenika irina-1320997

Preparing a list


She is 95 miles ahead of last year


Big shadow

flower sopan-1320717

Sopan did 63 miles yesterday.


He has 1335 miles

sopan good-1320847

Morning glory

flower baladev-1320988

Baladev did 54 miles


He has 1311 miles


Stutisheel did 35 miles

stutisheel good-1320862

He has 1305 miles


He and Ashprihanal do a play about a squirrel stealing his sandwich


The size of the squirrel has been enhanced for dramatic purposes…..courtesy of Vrishaketu


The size of the dog he is playing with is life size.

stutisheel vinaya-1320960

Misha supplies some free food to discourage further theft.

misha and friend-1320977

“Sure it is a good lock.  Give me 2 minutes and a pin and I will be riding down Parsons Blvd.”


Ananda-Lahari did 43 miles

ananda-lahari wide-1320896

He has 1275 miles


A bright day

wide gc ananda-lahari-1320716

Uddipan checking the totals

camp uddipan-1330017

Updating the board mid morning

uddipan board-1330060

“As you can see it is the midpoint.  The race is supposed to go 52 days.  Starting about now the runners are feeling more aches and pains and more of the stress of doing 60 miles a day.”

Mitch is always much appreciated for his chiropractic services which he has offered for years at not just the 3100 mile race but also the 6 and 10 day race in Flushing Meadow in the Spring.

mitch surasa-1330014

“This morning I looked at 5 or 6 of the runners and they are starting to have more chronic issues.  Like shin splints and hip pain.  Some calf pulls and even some back discomfort.  That happens from over use.”

“But as usual they don’t complain much.  I adjust them.  I work their muscles.  I give some advice on sleeping and eating, and things like that and they go on their way.”

mitch yuri-1330077

“They are pretty much out of the body and into the mind and heart.  There is no conceivable way that anyone could run 60 miles a day for 52 days.   The body will just rebel.  So they transcend that.  That is why this is a self transcendent race.”

“I enjoy being here and taking care of the runners because it is such a motivating and enlightening experience.  Being a chiropractor for 30 years I have seen hundreds and hundreds of runners and issues.  But these runners are the quintessential super human super hero runners and to see it in action here is truly amazing.”

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Getting the web cam back on line after parking the vehicles


“I just love coming to this race.”  Snehashila turned 91 today and one of the top things on her list of things to do was come and be here this morning.


“These runners are real warriors.  They are so dedicated to this project.  I would have done anything to have done this race.”

“But I joined this path when I was 50 years of age.”

“I don’t feel any different.  I feel very happy.  I laugh a lot and it is easy to smile.  It is just natural for me.”


“I feel it is all Guru’s grace.  I am so lucky.”

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Chataki reads the Daily Poem

poem chataki-1320971

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Poem Chataki

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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My mind does not care for directions
To Heaven.
My heart needs directions,
And my soul gives directions
Immediately, lovingly and proudly
To my heart.

2 thoughts on “July 12… Right Direction”

  1. just want to thank you for your daily postings keeping us informed about the is incredible race.
    Love the interviews. Even if miles away, one feels part of the whole adventure. Quite inspiring! Haven’t missed a day, and tonight am even a day ahead!!!

  2. Dearest Snehashila happy, happy 91 Soul’s Day today To see your smiling face is just as inspiring as to see our hero warrior runners. Yes, Guru’s Grace is all pervading.

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