July 16… The Vision Of The Race

“Inwardly it is definitely a good morning.”

I am moving along with Stutisheel this morning at a pace that even by my standards is leisurely.   For the great champion Stutisheel who is here for the 12th time it cannot help but feel that it is agonizingly slow.

Yet this is all he has right now as he starts day 28.  Now with 1561 very hard miles yet to go and a rapidly diminishing window of time in which to do it.

“I am feeling the effects of a few very hot and humid days.  So I am undergoing some kind of crisis.  But life is life.”


As someone who has observed the race for a long time I cannot help but feeling awkward at asking these kind of questions of a man who is bravely facing one of perhaps his greatest ordeals.  Yet he says this experience is not new, it has happened many times.

“For 3 days we had high humidity right from the beginning of the day.  90% at 6 a.m. and the temperature was rising.  “So the conditions were not easy.”

stutisheel wide-1340504

“I am very eager to run and when I am not able to run it creates a pressure that you can say is a kind of discouragement.  But inwardly I feel very solid and positive.  Everything is okay.”

“I believe that this is my source.  When you are well balanced inside then the miles will come.  But it doesn’t work the other way around.”

stutisheel good-1340516

Stutisheel had recently been asked by someone what he had learned over his many years running the race. “It is not about understanding.  It is not about describing particular qualities.”

“The vision of the race is way beyond our comprehension.  What Guru put into this race is beyond description it is beyond words.”

“So what I am learning here is, to feel more, to become more, and to give more.”

flower stutisheel-1340467

There are so many
ways to please God.
The easiest way
is to SMILE at

Sri Chinmoy, My blessingful and pride-flooded dedication to the indomitable runners of the 3100-mile Self-Transcendence Race, 2007, Agni Press, 2007

The board


Vajra testing out the yogurt

pre vajra-1340098

The van arrives

pre van-1340102

Vasu arrives

pre vasu-1340113

Yuri checks the board

pre yuri-1340105

The boys

pre boys-1340115

7 minutes to go

pre clock-1340108

Kaneenika working on her shoes

pre girls-1340106

Start Day 28


First steps

first steps-1340120

Despite the heat and humidity Atmavir ran 68 miles

atmavir gc-1340298

He now has 1864 miles


He is 112 miles ahead of last year


Through the fence


Yuri ran 64 miles yesterday


He now has 1813 miles


“Honestly, Yuri told me he didn’t want his sandwich today.”


Just a cup

flower yuri-1340416

Ashprihanal ran 68 miles


He now has 1795 miles


Receiving mail at 10 in the morning

ashprihanal mail-1340483

A new day

flower ashprihanal-1340136

Abakash and Databir doing the Saturday 2 mile race

abakash databir-1340335

Vasu managed 51 miles


He now has 1773 miles

vasu aleksei-1340322

Across the road

flower final-1340306

Surasa did 57 miles


She has had a problem with shinsplints for nearly 5 days.  Running is painful and so she walks.


Her total for 27 days is 1723 miles.  She is 55 miles ahead of her pace from last year


She remains very positive


A lion, a sheep, and Surasa

flower surasa-1340305

Behind Kaneenika is Jamaica High school.

kaneenika old pic-1340310

This is how this same scene looked in 1927

old pic-45

Kaneenika ran 64 miles

kaneenika good-1340370

She now starts the day as the same mileage as Surasa 1723 miles


She is now 105 miles ahead of her pace last year


She is running very well

kaneenika irinia-1340342

Golden light along the service road

kaneenika gc-1340123

“I need to reach jusssssst a little further.”


The fountain is on

sun fountain-1340143

Sopan did 51 miles


He has 1571 miles


A little green

flower baladev-1340122

Baladev did 58 miles


He now has 1543 miles


Very close


“Honestly,  how many pictures of squirrels do you really need when you already have a dog around.”


Stutisheel did 46 miles.  He has 1543 miles

stutisheel yuri-1340190



Ananda-Lahari did 46 miles


He now has 1459 miles

sun ananda-lahari-1340129

The green


“I think there are so many metaphors for the 3100 mile race.  For all the different trials that we have in life.”  Abanna has been visiting the race regularly the past couple of days.  She is visiting from Seattle.


“I have tremendous affection and admiration for the runners.”

“I feel that they are a bright beacon of light, as they run.  And it is just spreading out across the whole world.  And it all pin points back to this tiny little unimaginable brilliant spot in Jamaica Queens NY.”


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Abanna reads the Daily Poem

abanna poem-1340330

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Poem Abanna

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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I do not want the vision
That swiftly vanishes
Into tomorrow’s nothingness.
I want only the vision
Of Eternal Now.

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  1. My deep gratitude for the opportunity to be in a flow of this great race! It attracts more and more people, inwardly and outwardly. Thank you very much for highly professional job!

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