July 15… A Simple Life To Be Perfect

Today presented an unmistakable reckoning with just how hot and humid it can get during the 3100 mile race.  Not a record setting one to be sure but still the kind of day when doing anything outdoors is hard little alone trying to run 60 miles.

When I catch up with Baladev he is mixing his own concoction of salt water.  Playing with the fluid as he poured it back and forth between 2 cups.  “The salt keeps the body hydrated.”

“The hottest was 30C and today it is going to be 34C.  A little bit more and it is humid.  The humidity makes it more fun.” (smiles)

Baladev camp-1340095
Temperature 90 at 10:28

Since today officially marks the start of the 2nd half of the race I ask him about that.  “I am not thinking about how many days.  Or how many days I will be here.  I don’t think about tomorrow I only think about today.”

“This lap.  You never know what will happen at the next corner.”

“This is a simple life.  We all need a simple life to be perfect.”


“When you study something at school you then use that knowledge in the rest of your life.  Here when we run we study during the whole race.   Naturally we use what we learn here during the rest of the year.”

“We learn many good things like simplicity, patience, courage, and gratitude.”


Baladev says the meditation he experiences here while running is quite different that what he practices at home.

“This is a moving meditation.  When you are sitting at home you don’t move.  Totally different.  I like this one more, because you never fall asleep when you run.  When you meditate sitting at home you can go to sleep very easily.  When you meditate and run sleeping does not come.”

“Usually the evenings here are very  nice, and the early morning.” As Baladev runs away from me I cannot help but notice the message printed in big letters on the back of his shirt, Peace, Love, Joy.

flower baladev-1340062

Without a steady mind,
A pure heart
And a simple life,
Nobody can make
The fastest progress.

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The Board


This looks to be the first of summer’s really hot days.


A smile from Vajra before he goes

pre vajra-1330753

The empty camp

pre camp-1330752

The van arrives

pre van-1330755

Baladev arrives

pre baladev-1330762

Ashprihanal stretching

pre ashprihanal-1330758

Checking out the webcam

pre janos-1330757

It is working

pre webcam-1330761

Vasu comes

pre vasu-1330769

Misha with Aloe Vera on his knee

pre misha-1330765

Rupantar doing his daily video

pre rupantar-1330764

Baladev working on his shoes

pre baladev-1330770

Start Day 27


First steps

first step-1330773

Today the weather will be a real test for everybody.

atmaivr wide-1330785

Atmavir ran 68 miles yesterday


He has 1796 miles and is 116 miles ahead of last year

flower atmavir-1330938

Purple cup

flower yuri-1340055

Yuri had a 66 mile day.


Yuru taking no chances with the heat puts ice in his hat

yuri hat-1340047

Feels cool right away

yuri hat-1340048

He has 149 miles


A little red bird

flower yuri-1330935

Getting counted

camp niriha-1340037

Ashprihanal once again had the most miles with 70


receiving some encouraging emails.

ashprihanal camp-1340094

He has 1727 miles and is 22 miles behind Yuri


Up the hill

flowe ashprihanal-1330852

On the turn

wide vasu surasa-1330939

A little light

flower vasu-1330779

Vasu had a slightly better day with 46 miles


Talking with someone on the course and explaining about the race.

vasu and-1330891

He has 1722 miles.  Vasu is extremely grateful to all those who have reached out with their encouragement and support.


A gathering

camp niriha-1340035

Color co-ordinated

flower final-1330850

Surasa did 60 miles


She has 1666 miles and is 61 miles ahead of last years pace.


Webcam shot of Surasa taken this evening

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.46.31 PM

A little pink


Kaneenika did 63 miles


She has 1659 miles.  7 miles behind Surasa


She is 101 miles ahead of last year (Patricia working on the garden)

kaneenika patricia-1340041

Reaching out


Sopan did 60 miles yesterday.


He has 1520 at the half way mark.  He needs to make up the 30 miles over the next 26 days.


“I really love the race.  But only when the temperature is below 90 degrees.”


Hard and soft


Beautiful in the mornings

wide gc-1330775

Stutisheel did 61 miles


He has 1493 miles and has to make up 57 miles over the next 26 days


A play with Ashprihanal


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Stutisheel has also apparently made friends with a squirrel who may or may not be able to read.


Rupantar takes a video of the squirrel trying to get into his food


Rupantar then shows the video to Stutisheel.


Who is doing all he can to discourage the relationship.  Sign created by Vrishaketu

stutisheel signe-1340091

Coming through camp

camp stutisheel-1340044

Baladev had 57 miles


He has 1485 miles

flower baladev-1340056

Ananda-Lahari had 47 miles.  He now has 1413 miles

ananada-lahari good-1330912

Coming through camp

camp ananda-lahari-1340040

Ananda-Lahari’s feet

flower final-1330853

“It has been amazing.  This has exceeded all my wildest dreams.”  Paramartha has been one of the key helpers at the race this year and this is her first time.


“I come past here at 5 o’clock in the morning and run the track.  Then I set up my counting tables.  Then I go home and take a shower and I can’t wait to get back.  I photograph the runners and then load those photos onto the website.”

“I am passionate about this race.  I have changed my entire life so that I can come here.  I am all gratitude at this opportunity.”

Paramartha first heard about the race 17 years ago when she became a student of Sri Chinmoy.  She says she is inspired by the determination and the stamina of the runners.


“The whole concept of never giving up and also the joy you get from being part of a much much bigger picture.  I am not a runner but I feel as though I am contributing my small capacity that makes a difference.”

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Paramartha reads the Daily Poem


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Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Do you want to be happy?
Then make your life
As soulfully simple
As sleeplessly breathing.


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