July 11… Go On and On

“It is perfect weather.  Perfect temperature but there could be a few more clouds.”

Yesterday Ashprihanal finished up his 22nd day of running on the course.  Most will know of course that he has been here many times before.  That in fact this is the 14th time he has spent his summer running around Thomas Edison High school.

Who is my best friend, who?
He who gives me his rainbow-smile.
Who is my worst foe, who?
He who hides his heart-beauty-smile.

Though you can add up all the numbers and attempt to try and make sense of it all.  To be honest even though my math is pretty good I have to confess that I can’t understand it at all.  How does a 45 year old man from Finland do this?

The why part is something that I do however find is a lot more easily get some feeling for.  That is if you can grasp the concept, that though it looks like a foot race it really isn’t.


It is a pilgrimage in which the participants gradually and inexorably draw closer to something that on the surface looks impossibly far but ultimately lies right there inside each of those who run.  The good news as well, it is inside you and I as well.

This morning he completed his 41,756 mile on this course.  Which according to the best number crunchers probably means he has run more competitive miles in races than anyone in history.  This may mean something to Ashprihanal, but he doesn’t really show it.


As he gets towards the half way point he says, “it is nice for your mind.  To know that you have done more than you have yet to go. You begin to feel that it will probably end at some point.”

Ironically he says that around 10 days into the race it feels, “like it just goes on and on.”

“There are always nice times.  To balance the tough times.  It has been okay.  It has been pretty good.  So I am happy.”

If you want to see the inspiration at the heart of all this it best may become clear when you look at a video shot when Ashprihanal finished the race in 2007.  He won that year and  Sri Chinmoy said of him,

“My dear Ashprihanal.  I am offering you my heart’s infinite, infinite, infinite, love, and infinite, infinite, infinite, gratitude.  And my life’s boundless pride, boundless pride, boundless pride.”

“You have done extremely, extremely well in this 3100 miles.  Your aspiration flames and your aspiration fire are brightening, brightening, and brightening your life’s destination.  The Golden shore.  My heart is all gratitude to you, and my love is all pride in you.”

flower ashprihanal-1320659The board


No runners yet

pre clock-1320388

Vajra has just finished cleaning the course.

pre vajra-1320389

The van arrives

pre van-1320390

Kaneenika arrives

pre kaneenika-1320397

Rupantar checks the mileage

pre rupantar-1320395

Yuri salutes as he arrives

pre yuri-1320399

Vasu is here

pre vasu-1320406

Baladev works on shoes

pre baladev-1320404

Kaneenika gets a shoulder rub

pre kaneenika-1320402

Start Day 23


First steps

first steps-1320411

A beautiful day on the course

flower final-1320520

Vasu did 56 miles.  His lowest number for this year.  He has 1542 miles


Morning glorious

flower atmavir-1320628

Atmavir had 66 miles.


He has 1526 miles and now lies just 16 miles behind Vasu


Getting warmer

flower atmavir-1320635

Yuri did 64 miles


He now has 1486 miles


Not thirsty

flower yuri-1320657

Ashprihanal did 66 miles


He has 1456 miles

ashprihanal wide-1320662

Yellow fellow

flower ashprihanal-1320654


flower surasa-1320668

Surasa did 65 miles

surasa good-1320613

She has 1423 miles


By the school

flower kaneenika-1320658


camp kaneenika-1320645

Kaneenika did 64 miles


She has 1402 miles


She is doing very well

kaneenika wide gc-1320519

On the edge

flower surasa-1320629

Sopan did 62 miles


He has 1271 miles


More than enough

flower sopan-1320524

Vajra doing some car maintenance

camp vajra-1320656

Stutisheel had a tough day with 32 miles.  He has 1270 miles.


Across the road


Baladev had 52 miles.  He has 1256 miles


By the way


Translating the daily prayer into Russian

camp lyalya-1320641

Ananda-Lahari had 56 miles


He has 1231 miles


A little is a lot

flower ananada-lahari-1320633

“I love being here because I myself like to run.”  Irina is one of Kaneenika’s helpers.

“I am only here in the mornings and then I have to be someplace else.”

kaneenika irinia-1320666

“Here it is pleasant work and at the other place I go it is also pleasant.”

“Although I am doing outer work here.  I feel that inwardly I have to be very strong in order to inspire my runner.”

*translation by Lyalya*

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Poem of the Day (read in English and Russian)

poem irina-1320652

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Poem Irina

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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My soul commands,
“Go on, go on, go on,
To clasp and claim
God’s Rainbow-Dawn.”

2 thoughts on “July 11… Go On and On”

  1. Dear Utpal,
    Such an amazing, amazing, amazing report! Ashprihanal´s 2007 finish is beyond words. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  2. Hi Utpal,
    thank you for bringing the race to us! I have been watching your blog and also I have been visiting the race for many years. It is such an inspiration! The race is so challenging and it is so amazing. When you come as a helper, you definitely feel the aura that is around the course. You feel like you have entered into another dimension, into another world. It is impossible to experience this anywhere else. Gratitude to all the runners.

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