Day 25…A Miracle Happened (July 12)

When it is possible to someone gather your thoughts about the 3100 Mile race, there is very little of it all that even sounds conceivable or even possible.  Just to assemble a group of runners willing to dedicated their lives for such a long time over such an incredible distance seems farfetched and yet it has happened continually now every year for the past 21 years.

Stutisheel is a welcome and familiar presence at the race.  A 12 time participant he has seen his life, as well as the lives of his wife and daughter shaped and strengthened by the race.  This year is an off year for him and yet he is here every morning transporting Andrey and Sergey to the race in his small car.

As well as playing the part of chauffeur it is clearly evident that his long experience at the race has given him the opportunity to shape and guide these 2 first time runners as well as many other athletes from Oneness Dream Boat Shore over the years.

I asked Stutisheel this morning if it is difficult for him to be here every day and not run.  “The answer is very simple.  You are happy when you are at the right place.  I feel that for me this year I am in the right place.  I am taking a kind of break from this race but I feel that it is the right thing for me to do.  This year I have another quite challenging project.”

“I am happy because I can still feel the flow of the very special energy here.  It is actually, in comparison to last year, I feel it is much more joyful.  So I am enjoying it.”

When I ask him about whether or not he will be back running here again next year running the race.  Stutisheel says the commitment to run always has to come from within first.  Something shared by all those who act upon the inner inspiration to come and stand each day on the starting line.  “What I can say now is that the feeling to come again is starting to come.  Most probably yes.”

“Half way is not really a big thing at all, unless it is for your mind.  When you run a marathon for me the most difficult part starts closer to the finish.  37 or 38 km, so for the 3100 miles in my experience the last 10 days are the toughest.  The runners still have a lot to do yet.”

“Now Sergey is running with an inflamed muscle for maybe a week now.  I remember once when I had almost the same problem.  Maybe an inflamed hip and for 3 days I couldn’t do anything.  Walking was pain.  Running was pain.  Lying down was pain. Life was pain. (laughs)

“Then somehow this news got to Sri Chinmoy that I had been walking for 3 days with a muscle problem.  Then the very next day I felt very much better.  Later that morning when Sri Chinmoy was offering prasad to the runners.  When he gave it to me he held on to it and asked me, how are you feeling?”

Photo by Jowan

“I immediately realized that my betterness was completely due to his intervention.  All I could do was smile and say, thank you Guru. It was obvious to me that a miracle happened.”

A short time after that Sri Chinmoy then offered prasad to his wife and daughter.  “He said to them, Stutisheel is feeling much better today.  He told them that he had put some force in me.  They felt wow, finally my injury is over.”

“But when I heard the news from them that Guru had put some force in me.  I felt that this force would not just be enough to manage this injury but all other injuries to come.  It was a profound experience.”

Come what may,
I shall run and run
And end my pilgrim-journey
At my Lord’s Feet.

Dipali’s Race Tips #5

The board at the start of Day 25


Morning crew


Suhasini getting shoes ready

Yolanda takes a picture of the board

Kaneenika arrives




Checking the sheets



New shoes

Nirbhasa had a fever last night and is concerned about today

Start Day 25

A very muggy day

Tomorrow will be more of the same

Vasu did the most miles again with 65 119 laps

He now has 1622 miles

He is running well

A bit of green

Nirbhasa had a good day with 64 miles 118 laps

He has 1559 miles

He consults with Rupantar what to do about his fever.  The answer is to monitor it and be wise.

He passed half way last night

A bit of green

Kaneenika did 63 miles 115 laps

Receiving a flower

She has 1512 miles

Friends with Ashadeep who is crewing for Harita

She will reach half way today

A bit of green

Smarana did 62 miles 114 laps

He has 1486 miles and just might make half way today

Bahula helped with his blisters

He has a deep one

Still have to keep moving


Yolanda had 59 miles 109 laps

She now has 1438 miles

She overslept her 15 minute nap this morning and consults with multi day veteran Dipali

Dipali encourages her


Harita also did 59 miles 109 laps

She has 1437 miles and is 1 mile behind

New helper Ashadeep

Does her skit with Nidhruvi

*Link to skit by Stutisheel*

Day 25, play by Harita and Nidhruvi

They are very funny

Doing well

Soon it will be half way


Sergey did 49 miles 91 laps

Walks mostly

Staying positive


Andrey had to leave the race to attend to some dental work.  He did 46 miles 84 laps

He now has 1351 miles

Taking a break


Nidhruvi did 49 miles 90 laps

She now has 1285 miles

Staying happy


Ananda-Lahari did 60 miles 111 laps

He now has 1232 miles

An Ananda-Lahari quoted rock courtesy of Joey

Devarupi drying shoes


Daily Prayer read by Bashata

Click to Play:

poem Bashata

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Click to Play:


Surrender is a miracle-achievement.
This my mind knows.
Gratitude is a miracle-achievement.
This my heart knows.

5 thoughts on “Day 25…A Miracle Happened (July 12)”

  1. Woy!Is Bahula the winner in Sri Chinmoy’s competition “longest haer”? And really, no bad days 🙂

  2. The music is beautiful and today expresses some sadness. I am sad too for Nirbhasa having a fever. It is an easy thing to comprehend how challenging it must be to run with a fever. I feel very sorry for him. He should drink, if possible, hot tea, get an opportunity to rest and kind of wrap himself into a linen cloth and allow his body to sweat,at least at night.

    On the other hand the joy and happiness in other pictures expressed, are contagious as well. 🙂

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