Day 28…Every Day Learn Something New (July 15)

Late this morning Sergey will reach the half way point in the 3100 mile race.  It is a tremendous achievement and were it not for the fact that he is about 2 days behind schedule we would all look at this moment with perhaps more joy than a lingering sense of regret for him (which he personally does not feel).

The more important thing today, as on most days, is that Sergey is both happy and grateful to be a part of this impossible dream now made more real with each passing mile and day.

He is part of a unique family that was formed 27 days ago and now as they spin in ever continuing orbits around the block they all become stronger, both individually and as the very real family that they have become.

Yes there are injuries and pain and a cry for rest that is relentless but the greater picture is not one defined by hardship and broken expectations.  It is founded upon a vision of transcendence that is created from within and reaches out to touch and illumine all who circle around this city block and to all whose hearts who find moments in their day to join in with them.

“Every day it is a new feeling here.  Even though I have some injuries I still feel happiness.  This happiness comes because every day I have the opportunity to learn something new.  Every day so many different interesting things happen here.  Most of all I am being inspired by examples of the other participants in this race.  They are all so strong.”

“I am learning strong qualities from each and every on of them.”

“For example from Harita I am learning how to be very light.  She is running like a butterfly that is flying.  Even though she has so many difficulties that she is going through.”

“From Kaneenika I am learning about endless patience and softness.  She is running this race for the 3rd time and the hardship that she is going through could have made her more rough and hard.  But she still remains so soft and so strong.  In the evening when she runs with such speed I always find it shocking how fast she runs and how strong she runs.”

“From Nidhruvi I am learning about caring.  She cares so much and always asks me.  How are you feeling?  How is your leg? How is everything?  I think if Nidhruvi had been a Doctor she would have cured everyone.  She battles through each lap.  Even though she battles through each lap she approaches them with such ease.  Such warriors can only be women.”

“From Yolanda I can learn determination and focus.  They may seem like masculine characteristics and any man would be happy to have them.  But even though she has these qualities she still remains so feminine.  Even when she goes ahead of me she does it in such a tactful way.

“From Smarana I am learning calmness and surety.  He is so strong and a true warrior.  It feels as though he has no barriers in front of him and he will overcome everything.”

“From Ananda-Lahari I am learning wisdom.  He knows Russian and sometimes when I come to him and we talk I receive such energy that it will last until the end of the race.”

“From Vasu I am learning about force.  When strength is combined with speed you get force.  This is how Vasu runs.  Also Vasu has a huge heart.  For him this is his 6th race and he is already a veteran.  He cares deeply about every single runner here.  Every day he comes to each runner and offers invaluable recommendations.”

“He doesn’t just think about his own progress, how to be faster and how to finish.  He cares about every single person.  This trait is very very strong.”

“From Andrey I learn about a sense of humor.  When it gets very hard for him he just begins to joke around.  He amuses everyone with his humor.  To be able to joke around in such a hard situation only very strong people can do.”

“But mostly I want to learn from Nirbhasa.  From him I see endless infinite self giving during this race.  For me it is still a mystery how every day he can always give 100%.  He can forget to eat.  He can forget to drink.  Nevertheless each morning he comes out to the start and does everything to the maximum once again.  For me this is the biggest mystery, the biggest secret.”

“This is why every day you learn something new from each one of these runners.  I am very grateful that my fate and my destiny has brought me together with these people.  I am so happy and grateful to touch the feet of any one of these runners every day.”

Newness-feeling in our lives
Comes not from without
But from within.

The board at the start of Day 28

All quiet and still damp from late night showers



Andy is here today to help Yolanda

Drying chairs

Vajra leaves

Yolanda arrives to a nice surprise.

Jadranka an early counter

Kaneenika and Harita

Sergey and Stutisheel

Vasu and laundry

A little back rub

Kaneenika and Harita

Harita shoe



Nearly time

Start Day 28

Overcast and cool at the start

Yesterday was a hard one for nearly everybody.

Vasu did the most miles for the boys of 59 miles and 108 laps

A mid morning puppy break

He now has 1807 miles

Sasha gives him a fresh coconut

A bit of green

“Must be time for Nirbhasa”

Nirbhasa did 50 miles 92 laps

Yesterday he was still dealing with tummy issues

He tells his joke

He has 1731 miles and is running well today


Kaneenika once again ran the most of all the runners with 61 miles 112 laps

A brief stop

She has 1697 miles

“Now should I be looking at the runner or the squirrel in the tree?  Tough choice.”


Smarana had a very tough day with stomach problems

He did 29 miles 54 laps

He is just trying to keep moving

He has 1638 miles


Harita did 58 miles 109 laps

She now has 1616 miles

Getting some foot care from Mario

Having more fun telling jokes

With katya


Yolanda did 59 miles 108 laps

She started the day with 1616 miles

Enjoying Saturday’s 2 mile crowd

Getting help from Pratibha

Andy will spend the day

A bit of green

Sergey did 46 miles 84 laps

He now has 1511 miles


Andrey did 55 miles 101 laps

He now has 1500 miles

A bit of green

Nidhruvi did 53 miles 97 laps

Telling jokes

She has 1442 miles

Its getting hot so putting on a scarf to protect her neck

A bit of green

Ananda-Lahari did 47 miles 86 laps

Ananda-Lahari had 1370 miles




Sahishnu scooping ice bags

“I am just loving this new cloak of invisibility.  All tree and zero squirrel.”

Medur fixing the webcam

On Wednesday Snehashila had her 93rd birthday.  “Everyone is doing well at this race.” She tells me that she hasn’t missed a day yet so far of coming out to the race.

“I love the feeling here.  The feeling that we are all part of huge body of happy people.  I love it.  This is Sri Chinmoy’s fondest race.  I love to see how his students have continued to come through for him.  They are still doing it.”

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Poem of the Day read by Samahita

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samahita poem

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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The outer run inspires me
To go and see God.
The inner run inspires me
To come and sit at God’s Feet.

17 February 2001
New York


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  1. Interview with Sergey is most touching, most inspiring. I will read it out at the centre. Thank you Sergey, thank you Utpal, thank you Master Sri Chinmmoy. This race is an enrichment par excellence.

  2. I really loved Sergey’s reflections on each of the runners qualities which are helping him and I found it very insightful. Gratitude!

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