Day 30…Still Learning (July 17 )

Last night after running here every day for 4 weeks and a day Andrey Andreev went home having completed 1600 miles.  A not insignificant number and one which is about 1000 miles further than he has ever run before.

With 3 weeks and a day left to continue his task he will run many more miles yet.  Reaching 3100 is unlikely but this fact is one that is irrelevant to Andrey and to the others who are quickly shaping new goals as their fortunes shift and change.

*translation by Lyalya*

He has spent the last 10 years shaping and molding himself into a distance runner.  He is an eternal optimist, one who seems to find new experiences and new inner and outer achievement with each lap.   And more importantly knows that his personal finish line is not a mark made here on the sidewalk.  But rather one which continues to call to him in his eternal race towards his own self transcendence.

When asked how he is doing he says simply, “amazing.”

Hoping for a little more I ask him specifically about his body and what it has gone through. “It looks as though I am still learning how to listen to my body better.  I am also learning to love my body.  To be able to listen to it clearly and not be confused by it.”

When asked about his mind, I joke that he perhaps left it back in Russia.  “In order to do this race I had no choice but to leave my mind back there.  Otherwise I wasn’t even considering doing this race.”

“Here I have to control my mind some way.  I was already somewhat experienced at that.  I control it by setting certain goals.  Prayers really help me and having aspiration for all my best qualities.”

Andrey tells me that his heart is happy.

As for spiritual experiences he describes in the past of having different kinds.  “But here they are all combined into one big current.  Now for me it seems that everything has emerged into this one big all inclusive spiritual experience.”

“I am not having any unpleasant experiences here at all.  Even pain or other unpleasant things are just part of the experience.  There is for me no bad experience.”

As for the days ahead, “I am carefully looking at them but actually why should I look at the next 22 days when we are all here and now.  In the present moment.  We know that the future is being formed by our perceptions today.  So there is no reason to look at the days ahead.”

My mind learns earthly lessons
My heart learns Heavenly lessons
My soul learns both earthly
And Heavenly lessons

Board start of day 30

Yesterday was one of the toughest in the race history.  Many were affected by a stomach bug that has lasted for several days.



Yolanda had a tough day yesterday but is filling good today

Yuri and Alan


Getting ready


Smarana still not feeling good


Lip protection

Rupantar talks to all those who have been sick to give advice and encouragement

Andrey and Stutisheel

Nearly time for shoes


time to go

At the start of Day 30 Rupantar once again speaks to everyone about being cautious and wise when it comes with dealing with the intestinal problem

It will be a pleasant day at the race

Vasu did 62 miles 114 laps

He has 1933 miles


Nirbhasa did the most miles with 62 and 115 laps

He seems to be over his stomach problems but asks the cooks to give him just oatmeal.

He is relentless

He has 1852 miles


Kaneenika did 62 miles 114 laps

She has 1822 miles

Going through camp

Getting help from Tanya


Harita did 42 miles 77 laps

She now has 1718 miles

The math for her says that she now still has 1382 miles to go.  She now needs to make 60 miles a day

A bit of green

Yolanda did 21 miles 40 laps

She now has 1691 miles.   This means she still has 1409 more miles and needs now to do 61.2 miles per day


Smarana did 16 miles 30 laps

He now has 1689 miles and has to do 61 miles now a day

Telling joke with Nirbhasa


Sergey did 49 miles 91 laps

He now has 1614 miles


Andrey did 43 miles 80 laps

Doing exercises

He now has 1600 miles


Nidhruvi did 24 miles 45 laps

She has 1519 miles

Getting inspiration and sustenance from Nirjharini

All hope she feels better as the day goes on.


Ananda-Lahari did 15 miles 28 laps

He now has 1426 miles


Some familiar faces at the counting table




Sahishnu gives his weekly wrap up

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Poem of the Day read by Giribhu

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Enthusiasm Awakeners

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I shall learn and learn
Until I have awakened my body fully.

I shall learn and learn
Until I have disciplined my vital

I shall learn and learn
Until I have mastered my mind

I shall learn and learn
Until I have fed my heart

I shall learn and learn
Until I have seen my soul smiling at me

I shall learn and learn
Until I have heard my Beloved Supreme
Calling me His chosen child

Sri Chinmoy, Aurora-Flora, Agni Press, 1982

3 thoughts on “Day 30…Still Learning (July 17 )”

  1. This race is ruthless sometimes! One bad day and you may lose it altogether. I’m praying for Smarana, Harita and Yolanda to make it through the tough days so they can all finish.

  2. Yes, prayers for quick recovery and protection are going up. Mercy for the dauntless heroes of self-transcendence. Victory ahead.

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