Day 31…What We Can Accomplish Is Limitless (July 18)

There has to be something fundamentally optimistic built into Yolanda’s DNA.  Or it may just be that she has an amazing sense of determination or it just comes down to good old fashioned heart power.

2 days ago she, like several other runners were having some pretty serious stomach and digestive problems.  She was only able to make 21 miles which is just about as close to catastrophe as an entrant can get.  Particularly with how much time is left in the race.  She lost 37 miles, flat out, plain and simple.

Yesterday her health rebounded so strongly that she made 68 miles 124 laps and would have been the most mileage of the day except for an extraordinary performance by Ananda-Lahari who did 80 miles 147 laps.

When asked if she has been having good and bad adventures she says, “I have been having more good than bad.  I only had one bad one 2 days ago.  Actually it wasn’t really bad.  The bad part was that I got sick. The good part of being sick was that I got 13 hours of sleep.”

“This race will test everything.  Your mind, your body, your soul.  It is just amazing.  It is just an adventure now.  I have made it to day 31 and I am excited about it.”

“Yesterday was my best day.  I pulled off 68 miles.  Today I am moving a little slow because I have 2 blisters on my left foot.  My right foot is perfect.  One on my left heel got a little infected.  So we worked on it this morning.  So it is a little painful and I waiting for the Tylenol to kick in and once it does I will be able to pull off some miles.  It is a beautiful day.”

I ask Yolanda if she was aware of just how strong and determined she was.  “I think I have had the opportunity to bring it out.  When I got sick I lost 37 miles.  So yesterday I made up 7 miles.”

“I realize that our power and our strength in what we can accomplish is limitless.  I proved that yesterday and today I am going to try and knock off an extra 3 miles.”

She feels undeniably that the impossible can be conquered and she wanted to remind all those who have taken up her 52 day challenge that there is still 21 days left.  “You can conquer anything.”

She says we just need to let go of our excuses and remember that she and 9 others are running the longest race in the world.  “The impossible is possible.  We overcome a whole lot.”

“I thought that the weather was going to be an issue.  But no.  Every day there is something new that we have to challenge.  It is amazing.  It is crazy.  But it is all doable.”

“I am just smiling through it.”

Daring enthusiasm and abiding cheerfulness
Can accomplish everything on earth
Without fail.

Dipali’s Race Tips #6

The board at the start of Day 31


A hat

Niriha is early and Vajra is ready to go


Sergey and Andrey


Yolanda asks for help with her blisters

Kaneenika and Harita

The boys

Shoe talk




Favorite reading


Last minute

Have a nice day

Start of Day 31

A beautiful day

A bit of green

Vasu had a good day with 67 miles 123 laps

He now has 2000 miles

About to do his exercises


Nirbhasa did 62 miles 115 laps

He now has 1915 miles

Telling a joke

On his own for today

123 miles ahead of his last race


Kaneenika did 65 miles 119 laps

She has 1887 miles

She is 27 miles ahead of last year

Doing well


Harita had a good day 62 miles 113 laps

She has 1780 miles

Suhasini helping

Working on jokes


Rising sun


Yolanda did 68 miles 124 laps

She has 1759 miles

Getting her blisters looked after

John a facebook friend has come from Albany

The diva


Smarana did 45 miles 82 laps

He now has 1759 miles

A bit of green

Sergey did 48 miles 88 laps

He now has 1662 miles


Andrey did 55 miles 102 laps

He now has 1656 miles


Nidhruvi did 35 miles 64 laps

She now has 1554 miles

Telling jokes

Honoring Snigdha for her birthday



Ananda-Lahari did 80 miles 147 laps

He now has 1507 miles

A phenomenal day of running

A bit of green



Joanna and Kamaneeya

It’s street cleaning day

Yuri chopping ice

Nelson Mandela day

Watering flowers

“Frankly after looking at this very very closely.  There is something to be said for going by foot.”

Prayer of the Day read by Snigdha

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poem snigdha

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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He who thrives on challenges
Can accomplish extraordinary things
In life.

One thought on “Day 31…What We Can Accomplish Is Limitless (July 18)”

  1. a tribute poem to her incredible example for all who strive to better themselves.

    The definition of Hero: Yolanda

    Yolanda is a running river – moving forward and carrying others who enter into the current – go forward, go beyond – transcend today and tomorrow.

    Yolanda is a towering mountain – strength, determination and unflappable zeal – find your own mountain top and see vistas unheard of – go forward, go beyond – transcend today and tomorrow.

    Yolanda is a sheltering tree – coaxing, encouraging and modeling a blissful life of fitness accessible to all – go forward, go beyond – transcend today and tomorrow.

    Yolanda is a smiling sky – fly upwards with happiness and land in delight – go forward, go beyond – transcend today and tomorrow.

    Yolanda is a dance of heroes and warriors and elegance unrivaled. Yolanda is a beauty dream revealed.

    poem by me 🙂 inspiration by HER!

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