Day 32…Move Forward (July 19)

Nidhruvi has completed 1605 miles over the past month running around Thomas Edison High school.  That is 2926 circuits on the hardest concrete sidewalk in Queens, and you don’t have to look very closely to see that it isn’t exactly flat either.

She has faced adversity in this race such that she has never encountered before in her long and impressive multi day running career.  Now the weather has turned hot and miserable over the past couple of days and there is still 20 long unavoidable grueling days ahead.  Her goal of reaching 3100 miles before the cutoff is nigh on impossible and yet she is still able to smile and tell jokes.

“One bunny says to the other bunny.  Don’t worry be hoppy.”

“I am definitely trying to be as happy as possible. Trying to be in a good consciousness and be in acceptance in every way.  Just to take life as it is, and keep going. Move forward.”

“Never look back even at what happened 2 seconds ago.”

“There is only one way that we can make real progress, or even for the world to make progress is that we have to go on.  Always move forward and never ever give up.  There is only one way.  Just always go, one step at a time.”

Just 2 days ago Nidhruvi and a few other runners were suffering from very bad stomach and digestive problems.  I ask her if she was able to push through that particularly tough period as well.”

“O yes.  Whatever this is.  Whatever the forces are that are attacking us we are not going to stop.  Nothing can hinder us.  Nothing can hold us back.  We will show just how strong we are.  That we are a huge divine army.  Together we will get through this and together we will make it definitely.”

“They cannot catch us.  We will never give up.  Everybody stayed so strong and tried their best.  This is the way it should be.”

“Every day is a new challenge and a new hope and a new promise and we have to try and fulfill it.  Every day we have to start new.  We begin anew and each day we do our best.  Then see what happens.”

“Time is passing by so fast.”

A life of perfection
Never stops.
It only moves forward,
Upward and inward.

The board at the start of day 32




After weighing herself this morning Yolanda is concerned.  She has lost too much weight in the past month of running


Prabuddha drops by and Vajra leaves

Harita and Kaneenika arrive

Sergey and Andrey

Nidhruvi and Alakananda








Harita opens a gift sent from San Diego

Alan encouraging Smarana

Putting on the shoes

Start Day 32

Going to be hot and humid

A pretty morning

Vasu had a good day with 66 miles 122 laps

He now has 2067 miles


Nirbhasa did 63 miles 116 laps

He now has 1979 miles

Telling a joke


Kaneenika did 65 miles 119 laps

She now has 1953 miles


Helped by Tanya

By the school


Harita did 62 miles 113 laps

She now has 1842 miles

Telling jokes

Into the sun


Yolanda did 59 miles 109 laps.  She held her own

She has 1819 miles

Nirjharini trying to help her keep her weight on


Smarana did 38 miles 70 laps


He now has 1773 miles


Sergey did 47 miles 86 laps

He now has 1709 laps


Andrey did 49 miles 91 laps


He now has 1706 miles


Nidhruvi did 51 miles 93 laps

She now has 1605 miles

Telling jokes with Harita

The best audience

Mareike shows me a message that Nidhruvi has just received

From Elena


Ananda-Lahari did 47 miles 87 laps

He now has 1555 miles



Pine tree

Sahishnu does the updates Joanna counting

Alan praying for safety

Pun alert

“Doctor says I need more fiber in my diet but I do love French Fries”

Prayer of the day read by Kakali

Click to Play:

Kakali prayer

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Small steps or big steps
Do not matter,
As long as we move forward
Towards our Destination.

3 thoughts on “Day 32…Move Forward (July 19)”

  1. I have not read the rest of the entry yet, but I would like to thank Nidhruvi for her strong, encouraging and reassuring words. I very much share her opinion without much running myself nowadays.

    And thank-you Utpal for choosing such beautiful background music and poetry.

  2. Superb, Nidhruvi! Superb! Keep up your spirit high!
    Thank you Utpal for giving the runners the possibility to express their feelings & thoughts. They give and give and become and become.

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