Month: April 2016

  • April 19th…..The Longest Journey

    “One hour at a time, one day at a time, one lap at a time.  Enjoy the journey.  Find your highest capacity.  We hope to give as much as we can to help you get through this.”…..Part of pre race speech by Sahishnu. Each and every Heart-dream of mine Has the capacity To take […]

  • The Day Before….April 18th

    “I have come every year since 2007, so this is my 10th year.” Of all the runners attending the race Fred Davis 111 may be the one who has attended more of these events back to back than anyone else. He confesses that over the years he has never felt that he has performed as […]

  • Set Up for the 6 & 10 Day Race…April 17th

    Manoshri and her sister Gautami are back at the race for their 2nd year.  Helping them both this year just as she did last year is their Mom. For now it is mostly just the tents of the 10 day runners which are going up. Where the reason-cloud ends My journey begins. Where the […]

  • 12 Hour Walk 2016

    A Photo taken at midnight on the 11th of April 1982. Sri Chinmoy along with a large group of his students participated in the 12 hour walking race on the Jamaica High School Track In 1980 he participated in the 12 hour walk for the first time.  The date was April 20th. He completed 45 […]

  • Start of the North American Peace Run….2016

    Sri Chinmoy once said of the Peace Run, “It is the beginning of something unprecedented and it is the beginning of something ever transcending.” The Peace Run is now in its 29th year, it was first inaugurated in New York in 1987.   Beginning on a day that looked and felt much like it did […]

  • Peace Run Fishguard….March 16

    The journey in Wales will become complete today.  Ireland now so close at hand patiently beckons. One last school, Goodwick community in Fishguard. A picture outside the school with Head Teacher Mr. J Jones Coming inside The story of the Peace Run explained to a new and eager audience It is short sweet and powerful […]

  • Peace Run St David’s….March 15

    It is cool bright March morning.  All is still in the heart of the town of St. Davids.  The Norman cross has seen centuries of activity happening around and about.  Soon it will see witness something very different. The Peace Run approaches with all its energy, joy, and of course peace. A ceremony takes place […]

  • Peace Run Camarthen….March 14

    The Peace Run approaches Camarthen city hall On the steps. Daffodils are growing everywhere At Ysgol Y Dderwen School Having a funny moment Touching the torch Enjoying the Peace Run Holding the torch Never to forget Each will take their turn New horizons Learning about the world Its your turn Always something new to learn […]

  • Peace Run Laugharne….March 13

    The Peace Run arrived in Laugharne.  Once the home of well loved Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas Janaka Spence, a Scottish Writer spoke about Dylan Thomas “I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to be taking part.” “Yesterday I bought the Guardian Newspaper, which I only buy on a Saturday to read the book pages.  They had […]

  • Peace Run Welsh Botanical Gardens…. March 13

    “We started 2 weeks ago in Porto Portugal and we will run through every European country over an 8 month period.  We will finish in Rome on October 8th.  The run was started by an Indian gentleman, Sri Chinmoy in 1987.  He loved sports and he loved running.  But most of all he loved peace.” […]