April 23rd…. Enjoy All The Great Things

The 6 day race is less than an hour old.  I spend a few minutes running lightly with David Luljak who has not been to the race in 7 years and also with Wai Law who ran his first 6 day race here last year.

They are getting acquainted and of course realize that in the many miles ahead they will probably learn a lot about all the other competitors but perhaps even more about themselves.

I ask what kind of things they have discovered so far, and they both laugh and say that at one time they both lived in Long Island.

David tells me about one of his favorite poems written by Sri Chinmoy.  “He said to somebody during the 3100 mile race.  When this person was having a particularly bad time.”

Dave and Wai-16

Perfect happiness
Enthusiasm minus expectation.

Sri Chinmoy, The God of the mind [songbook]

“I thought that was a good thing to keep in mind.  I love this race, and if I don’t expect too much than I won’t feel disappointed.  And hopefully enjoy all the great things I think about constantly whenever I run these races.”

The 10 day race of course goes on while the 6 day is about to start.  Richard Takata celebrates getting to 200 miles.

richard gets 200-1220266

Albena is doing her 2nd 6 day race.

registration Albena-1220220

Sri Chinmoy at the start of the first 7 day race.  October 14th 1988

ckg greets runners

Whenever we do small things
With great love,
God gives us the most
Powerful and blessingful Smile.

Due to illness Dipali is not well enough to compete this year.  She won the race each year for the past 18.  She will return again next year.


She speaks with Rupantar

dipali rupantar-1220341

She is very grateful to her crew who have supported her so much over the years.

dipali crew-1220362

Hoskuldur Kristvinsson is a 66 year old runner from Iceland is running his first 6 day race.  His goal is to run 420kms a distance which equals 10 marathons.


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Tatiana is running her first 6 day race.  Last year she worked in medical.

registration hands-1220226

David Luljak finishing some final paper work before he starts the race.

dave table-1220225

Johnny before coming to the starting line

johny sweden-1220230

He is a 44 year old runner from Sweden is running his first 6 day race.

registration johnny-1220335

Things go smoothly though it will rain just a little before the start.

registration wide...joe-1220221

Susan Marshall from New Zealand is running her first 6 day race.

susan marshall-1220319

Rimas and Aidas are both here again.  Rimas has a personal best of 600 miles, which stands as the Lithuanian record.

rimas aidas-1220315

The board at the end of 4 days.


Sahishnu introducing the 6 day runners.


Wai coming to the line

starting line-1220353

Kobi leads with 351 miles for 4 days


It rains briefly.

rain mahasatya-1220326

Achim has 300 miles for 4 days.


Karteek has 192 miles

camp karteek-1220608

Getting adjusted by Mitch in medical


albena off to a good start.

albena good-1220395

Ales sorting out some lap count issues


Ananda-Lahari has 277 miles


Mark Dorion stretching

camp mark-1220612

Andrei Somov without his jokes

andrei somov-1220278

Karnayati receiving an email

karnayati email-1220245

The message is from Vera.  Karnayati says these notes inspire her very much.

karnayati email2-1220247

Anna, Ed running behind her is still in 2nd place with 311 miles.


Kimberly has 233 miles


A short stop in the kitchen


Budjargal with a clothing adjustment.


He has 262 miles


Pedrag has 214 miles

camp pedrag-1220620

David getting into his rythmn

david lujak-1220555

Mitch taking lunch

camp mitch-1220619

Elena with 231


Richard finding out just how much it can hurt

medical vajra-1220368

Misha with 218 and Mahasatya with 234

misha mahasatya-1220299

Nina cleaning up


Finish line

wide finish line-1220604



Yolanda has 262




His feet


The Russian boys

russian boys-1220260

Tatiana enjoying the great outdoors


Soren with 257


Helping out

serving water-1220248

The weather is nearly perfect


Looking down

wide finish line-1220322

Roger missed last year because of a bad fall.  He is happy to be back running the 6 day.



wide caution-1220527



Heading towards the lake




Everybody likes coconuts

flower tiger-1220323

Michel and Lyalya


Magnolias beside the lake


Manoshri in 2nd with 274


Kalpa with 220


Soon the wind will take the seeds away



jphn g-1220398

A little added color

flower john-1220617



Some different transportation

flower kids-1220387

Georgs washing his clothes

georgs washing-1220363

Clothes will dry when the sun comes out

flower clothes-1220231



Erlinda Biondic


Enjoying the flowers

flower boy-1220481

Gautami with 260


Johnny coming around the Heart Garden

flower final-1220429

Today it is Joe Cleary’s 76th birthday


“It is like coming home.”  Joe Cleary hasn’t been to the race in a few years.  “I think I will be here a little more in the future.”

Joe made his first trip to the race in 2009.  “It was my first 6 day. It was momentous.” Joe went 228 miles but was hoping to make 300.

“I was satisfied for sure.  Thinking back now I was thinking that I needed more rest, and I took it.  I think this time I will be taking less rest.  I will be out there longer.”

“There is a time to be on your own and people recognize that.  Sometimes you just don’t want to be chatting with people and other times you do.”

Asked what is the attraction of races like this.  “I don’t need to figure it out, I just thoroughly enjoy it.  I plan to do it until one foot is in the grave.”

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flower good-1220480

Do not be afraid
Of doing great things.
Just regard these things
As quite normal and natural,
And do them spontaneously.
This is the only way
You can bring to the fore
God within you
For His own supreme Manifestation.

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  1. Very nice interview with Dipali! Get your strength back again soon Dipali! Helping is a great contribution and helpers do get special blessings and the atmosphere is amazing, but it is still a big difference to be able to run or do something yourself. This is why helpers in ultras tend to “catch the bug” and end up wanting to take up the challenge themselves!

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