Day 25: I Really Love The Experience

“This is the longest race in the world and I am here.  It is an honor and I really value it.  I really love the experience, and I am really happy that I am here.”

This answer could come from no one other than Ananda-Lahari who now in his 17th straight year at the event on his 24th day has completed 1359 miles.  Now most days he walks with an occasional spurt of running.

” I think for all of us we just don’t have enough gratitude.  We are unable to value life at all most of the time.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

At his first race in 2004, “I was happy like anything.  I knew it was going to be a super hard experience.  But I was really thrilled and really happy.  There was no doubt about doing this race.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

Ananda-Lahari says that during the early races he was thrilled at the nearly daily visits of the founder of the race Sri Chinmoy.  “Somebody may say, ‘So what.’  But for me when I look back on my life it was really significant.”

The Board at the start of Day 25




Andrea checking the daily mileage





Start day 25

Andrea ran 70 miles

He now has 1700 miles(with Anupam)

Doing well


Wei Ming completes half way

His time 24 days 2 hours 22 seconds

He ran 65 miles




Vasu ran 66 miles

He now has 1489 miles

Doing well



Harita did 58 miles

She now has 1481 miles





Takasumi did 59 miles

He now has 1431 miles

With Nina


Nina and Rupantar

Stutisheel did 62 miles

He now has 1424 miles



Arpan and Mario


Experience is not acquired information.
Experience is not required observation.
Experience is the result of an inner investigation.
Sri Chinmoy, Flame-Goal. Daily meditations, Sri Chinmoy Centre, Montreal, 1973

3 thoughts on “Day 25: I Really Love The Experience”

  1. Hi Utpal, it is real experience to be there with you guys, so many familiar faces, and everybody seems so happy. Even if runners are walking and having some problems they are all accepting the experience and doing their best. It is so inspiring watching your reports everyday, thanks a lot

  2. Another awesome interview— so many valuable insights everyday, about self-transcendence joy.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Even though I live so close, I haven’t been able to come to the race too much this year. So reading about it has become more and more important. It is so inspiring to look at the pictures and read your commentary, Utpal. Thank you so much for making it really come alive!

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