Day 24: I Am Being Helped

“The significance of the race for me  has not changed.  It has always been to complete the distance .”

Yesterday Takasumi ran 60 miles giving him a 23 day total of 1372 miles.  At the end of an additional 3 days of running here the crucial half way point will have been reached.  Takasumi has just to continue exactly what he is doing now in order to be on the happy side of the math.

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“Physically I am kind of confident.  I have done a lot of races.  I feel as though I have trained well but in reality the race has been challenging physically.  It doesn’t go in the way you suspect.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“Mentally I feel stable but it goes up and down.  When I am down what I do is take a nap and then feel refreshed.  Fortunately my wife is very cheerful and really supports me and that’s how I mentally cope with the challenges of the race.”

“I definitely feel I am being helped by so many people.”

The Board at the start of Day 24



The race director




Wei Ming presenting me with a ‘Never Give Up tag.’

Vasu and Stutisheel



Ready to start

Start Day 24

Andrea did 72 miles

He now has 1629 miles

Doing very well


Filling the hand wash unit

Wei Ming did 63 miles

He now has 1473 miles


Samahita with figs

Harita did 56 miles

She now has 1423 miles

Golden moments


Technical list

Olga and Anjali

Vasu did 68 miles

He now has 1423 miles

With Sasha



Stutisheel did 64 miles

He now has 1362 miles



Ananda-Lahari did 48 miles


He now has 1313 miles

To solve my outer problems,
I take help
From many, many human beings.

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  1. Takasumi’s openess, sincerity and determination is as remarkable as his running ability. It is nice to hear him give credit and gratitude to Nina — an indomitable support crew! May they each accomplish their goals peacefully and joyfully. Thank you for another day of a great video, interview and photos.

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