Month: September 2021

  • Day 16: Feel So Much Love

    “I feel very good to be part of it.”  For the past 15 days 58 year old Wei Ming has been putting on an amazing running performance.  Both for its consistency and more importantly for the passion that he puts into his time out on the course. “My goal is to run 114 laps every […]

  • Day 15: A Oneness World Family

    “I have always felt that oneness is the most powerful aspect in God’s creation, and it comes in three parts.  Oneness with the creator.  Oneness with one’s soul.  And oneness with each other.” “We are living in a time in which we have to see each other in all of us as members of one […]

  • Day 14: A Deeper Sense Of Everything

    For all the runners at the race, time is a precious commodity.  From the other side of the sidewalk it is easy to not be disciplined about what we do and just how long we spend performing the essential tasks of our day.  Not to mention the gluttonous distractions that are nearly unavoidable. Harita has […]

  • Day 13: Happiness Transforms Everything

    In the past few days Stutisheel is looking and running like the Stutisheel of past years.  And that means many many past years as this is the 13th time he has entered the race.  He is stronger and his face is bright and smiling and most importantly he is able to run for most of […]

  • Day 12: Sometimes There Is A Breakthrough

    “I try and stay in tune with the spiritual forces of the course.  I realize that during the last hour there is a very special force.  There is more energy somehow.   Everybody is trying to push more.  In the morning it is also good to put on as many miles as possible.  Early morning and […]

  • Day 11: Every Day Opens A New Experience

    “Every day opens something new.  It’s a new experience and you can’t prepare for that.  Every day you get something new that you never expected.  Some kind of experience.” For this 8 time finisher of the race the past week has been a new experience in the worst possible way.  The last few days he […]

  • Day 10: You Just Smile

    “In general I think people like to smile.  It is a gift that we can smile.   Especially when things are going wrong.  Then it is the best that we can smile.” Yesterday Ananda-Lahari ran 113 laps around the school.  His day started well before dawn and I suspect that his hours of sleep were minimal.  […]

  • Day 9: My Lifetime Dream

    Wei Ming tells me that he did not realize just how much the race would affect him.  He says this after running another 100km day giving him an 8 day total of 524 miles.  A very long distance for any runner.  But when you do the quick arithmetic in your head, there is still a […]

  • Day 8: A Whole New Experience

    There may be times when Harita frowns, but I have not seen it.  There may be times when she grumbles, but I have not heard it.  And there may be times when she just might wish she was any other place than spending 18 hours each day running around Thomas Edison High school.  But after […]

  • Day 7: We Are So Fortunate

    The full scripts of each of our lives are impossible to predict.  Seldom if not not ever do we ever really know just what will happen next.  The great scribe of life no doubt knows but it cannot be revealed to us until the moment passes and the page is turned.  I had made an […]