Day 17: A Feeling Of Accomplishment

“Actually there are ups and downs.  There are times when I feel more elated and also times when I feel more down.  On the outside I try my best to smile and be calm as much as possible.”  I had asked Takasumi if he was as peaceful on the inside as he appears to be so often on his outer appearance.

“I am making the effort to achieve that.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

Today Takasumi looks and feels tired. “It is getting difficult.”   Earlier in the race he had a number of physical issues that now seem to be resolved.  “Now I feel exhaustion and tiredness have been accumulating.  In that way the race is getting more challenging.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

Yesterday Takasumi had a good day with 61 miles.  He starts day 17 with 957 miles and will by this evening pass 1000 miles.

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“I don’t think about the next day I just go home with a feeling of accomplishment.  Because no matter how tired I am at the end of the day You never know what the next day brings.  The next day I may wake up refreshed and without tiredness.  So I just try and stay with feeling of what I have accomplished each day.”

The Board at the start of Day 17



Rupantar and Medur

Wei Ming checking the board


Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo arrives


Wei Ming shows some artwork


Wei Ming is ready


Start Day 17

Andrea did 72 miles

He now has 1121

He leads Wei Ming by 95 miles


Arpan helping Andrea

Anjali counting

Wei Ming did 63 miles

He now has 1026 miles

Sometimes he really sprints

A friend has come by



Fresh figs from Samahita

Harita completed 1000 miles last night. (photo by Garima)

She starts the day with 1003 miles

She ran 63 miles

With her helper Ro



A special thanks to Harashita for her help with Takasumi

Vasu completed 1000 miles late this afternoon (photo by Garima )

Vasu ran 65 miles yesterday

He started the day with 973 miles

He is looking healthier and stronger



Stutisheel ran 57 miles

He now has 954 miles



Stutisheel receiving mail

Ananda-Lahari ran 52 miles

He now has 942 miles

Wei Ming showing him how to wear sport sandals. (photo by Stutisheel)


Nina and Anjali

The umbrellas goes up

Without eagerness,
Nothing significant
Can ever be accomplished.

5 thoughts on “Day 17: A Feeling Of Accomplishment”

  1. Thank you so much for all the stories, photos and videos from this day and all the days, Utpal. Your work really helps to share the journey and consciousness of the overall race, the amazing runners and all the selfless helpers. Gratitude from South Africa!

  2. Thanks, Utpal for the super interview. Takasumi and Nina seem to be taking up this 3,100 miles of uncharted territory with such care, courage and dignity. I wish them both well. I love the attitude of newness: ‘you never know… I may wake up refreshed and without tiredness”. Thanks to Harashita for translation.

  3. Me again, re-reading today’s story— that photo of Wei Ming and Ananda-Lahari with the sandals is my favourite moment, what a beauty!

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