Day 22: Dare To Believe

“I think we all know that our minds put boundaries on things.  I think we have a sense deep inside of us, of this unlimited potential and capacity that we have.  But we sometimes do not have the means to access it.  Or to really believe in ourselves or to have the spiritual capacity to access that part of ourselves.”

“For all of us I think that finding that part within yourself.  Giving it a go and daring to believe that you have more capacity that your mind will ever let you realize.  That can be the biggest challenge in life.”

When asked if Harita has to break any of  her own barriers during the race she laughs.  “At every moment.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“Often we look as though everything is great.  And of course things are totally great in the inner worlds.  But we are dealing with the limitations of the body and the mind.  And it is a real combination of pushing beyond them.  Using your spirituality or this deeper part of yourself so that you can flow with the universal consciousness.”

When asked if these lessons and experiences can translate into her life outside the race, “I hope so.  How can it not. Everything we do does.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“Being patient, treasuring each moment, and living in the moment as well.”  Harita describes that she doesn’t analyze whether or not there are benefits to be gained to her life outside the concrete loop.  “I am just trying to live in the moment and do the best I can.  And be really surrendered to whatever happens.”

“Challenges here can come at any moment.  You can be running really well, and an injury can happen.”  Come what may she says all the experiences she has here are all real opportunities.

“To become the best people that we can.  I think the best thing for my progress here is to be totally surrendered.  Try to be in the moment.  Try to be happy.  Try to have faith that whatever happens has a greater purpose and significance.”

Suprabha talks about an experience with Ted Corbitt

The Board at the start of Day 22



Small talk big race

Pipasa drawing

Stutisheel’s father and daughter are running the Berlin marathon

Niriha the tea lady


Start Day 22

Andrea ran 72 miles

He has 1484 miles and will reach half way today

Receiving his morning mail.



Samahita with fresh figs

Wei Ming ran 63 miles

He now has 1346 miles

Running well

Staying happy



fixing streaming video

Vasu ran 66 miles

He now has 1294 miles


Rupantar counting

Takasumi ran 58 miles

He now has 1255 miles


Dr. Mitch Proffman

Sahishnu, Rupantar and Chandra

Stutisheel ran 63 miles

He now has 1233 miles

Alakananda and his father both ran the Berlin marathon.  His father’s time of 4:19 won first place for men over 80 and Alakananda’s time was 4:43



Ananda-Lahari ran 58 miles

He now has 1210 miles




Sahishnu’s week 3 wrap up

We have to believe in a higher Power.
Only by believing in a higher Power
Can we go beyond and beyond
Our limited, human capacity.

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  1. I loved this! Haritas interview was great and the lesson of surrender real. Sooo nice to see all the visitors and helpers there at the race. Thank you!

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