Vasu’s Finish

Just after 10pm Vasu became the champion of this years Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

He had one last long day of running

The course becomes a busy place most nights

Kobi’s team is just waiting until Thursday morning for his finish

Gradually well wishers started to arrive

The little things still had to be done

Decorations are put up

Generators are filled with gas

Kobi seeing first hand what a finish looks like

Vasu’s last night on the course

Pipasa decorating the sidewalk

Swamiji has come

Vasu stops for a quick massage

Photo by Spontaneous Beauty

Getting darker

counting never stops

Kaneenika will have her day

Kodanda plays

Singers practice

Alexei has worked hard

William will only stop at midnight

Kobi stops for a while and then returns for a couple more laps


Sanjay’s 3100 Mile Race movie is coming out soon

Time is at hand

Bipin changes the number

Konstantin and Alexei by his side

Photo by Spontaneous Beauty

He reaches the line alone

Photo by Spontaneous Beauty

Songs are sung

Greeted by his fellow runners

A crowd has gathered

Sahishnu’s speech


Vasu speaks


Satisfaction is not only
At the finish line
But also
At the starting line.

Oneness Dream Boat Shore

Photo by Spontaneous Beauty

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  1. Beyond the beyond! Gratitude, Vasu, for the light and joy you gave us every day of the journey!

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