Day 47… Experience Every Moment (August 2)

“I think that in the beginning of the race I tried to do what I do best and that was to win this race.  When I came to realize that I could win the race but in doing so I would lose the experience.  I decided then that I needed to finish the race.  Then I changed my whole strategy.”

“After the first 1000 miles I changed everything.  From there on I worked by my book.  I did things according to my plan.”

Kobi had mentioned to me on several occasions that he was uncertain he could finish the race.  I ask him at what point he had gotten over that.  “If you had asked me 4 days ago I would have said, that now I have a 90% chance of finishing.”

“You can’t say that every day exists by itself, leave the moment, and know that you will finish.  If I leave the moment so that any moment I can end the race and not finish it.  You cannot be in 2 places at the same time.”

“If I come here with a position of killing myself in order to win it.  You will see me 2 days ahead of where I am now, but I would finish without powers.  I would just finish the race and remember nothing.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra photos

Kobi says he has done many races where he told others that he just wanted to win but in so doing he didn’t have an inner experience and couldn’t remember anything about those races.


“To be here transcending cannot be just about doing something more.  It can’t be.  If it is just to run 1,000 miles three times more then it is worth nothing.  So I thought to myself, I want to do something else.  So when I decided to change after I had completed my first 1,000 miles.  Which I did in a record time of 13 days I decided I had to live differently.  Then came the change.”

Kobi had told me earlier that he felt that his whole experience here was about taking a pilgrimage.  He says for now he doesn’t want to analyze or break down what he has learned and felt here by describing it with words.

“I know that I will live with this experience not just for days to come but for years to come.  It is an amazing experience.” Kobi says that the usual thing for him would be to break it all done so that he can learn and improve upon himself.  “But another part of me says you need to leave it and experience every moment.”

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

“Do not try and define it.  There are a lot of unexplored corners.  Slowly, I will let time take place.  There is a very big healing process that I need to work through.  It is an amazing experience.  I believe that for years to come I will be still into it.”

The Board at the Start of Day 47…*Note the totals may not be accurate.. The Magic number is 2,741*

Kobi needs just 16

Quiet camp

Vajra and Kobi have grown close over the many weeks and miles

Kobi’s table


Aharan starting the generator

Surasa arrives

Niriha brings coffee for William

A very happy Vajra


Smarana and Ushika

Kaneenika and Leelavatee


A wide view

Start Day 47

A humid day

Kobi did 71 miles his most since Day 11

It will be a very short day after so many long ones

All his friends and supporters have come

Parvati and the singers will perform one of Sri Chinmoy’s songs translated into Hebrew

Time for joking

Kobi coaches Galit

Flags are waved

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

T shirts are worn

Pictures are taken

A great achievement

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

Singers practicing

Ushika did 62 miles

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

He now has 2831 miles

269 more miles


Atandra lets people talk to Alakananda

“Goodness gracious is that every sticky.”

Surasa did 59 miles

She now has 2767 miles

With Vasuprada

26 miles over the magic number

The long long road



Kaneenika did 61 miles

She now has 2745 miles…..4 miles over

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

With Leelavatee

She has lots of support

Looking good and looking strong



Sopan did a very strong 63 miles

He now has 2,740…..Just 1 mile under

Getting encouraging letters

359 more miles



William did 57 miles

He now has 2610 miles

Running all the time


It will be a big event

Smarana did 55 miles

He now has 2602 miles

Dealing with the crowds at Kobi’s finish

His 9th time here


Bells will be rung

Ananda-Lahari did 49 miles

He now has 2495 miles


Vasu has come to the race to visit

He will come every day



“Some mornings I just feel like flying.”

Day 47

Poem of the Day read by Peeyush and Tara

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poem peeyush and tara


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Unlike the ordinary life,
In the spiritual life
Every moment counts;
Every moment is extremely valuable.

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  1. Beyond words… unbelievably beautiful, touching, inspiring. What a divine victory, shat a divine family! Thank you Utpal, what you are doing si so so so important! Thank you :o)



  3. An enormous thank you, Utpal, for your beautiful coverage of the race! It’s been a heart-expanding experience following all the runners and volunteers!

  4. I am totally speechless and absolutely impressed!!! What a incredible work you are doing so far is really beyond. Gratitude to everyone!!!! I am touched by all. Victory Supreme!

  5. Beyond words as Kobi says, but Kobi did a marvellous speech. We feel the message and rejoice with him and all the great family that are celebrating.

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