Day 50… Took The Challenge (August 5)

“I am happy of course that soon it will be over.  This last week is so long. It feels like it will never end.”

On this the 50th day of the race Surasa is 157 miles from the finish line and has a full three days in which to do it.  But unfortunately the weather between now and Tuesday when she should finish could well be as hot, humid, and miserable as a New York summer can be.

“Each race is different for me.  I have had those in which there was a happy ending, in the last days and so on.  But this time, and maybe because the weather was so challenging.”  When I mention the grim forecast that lies ahead she says, “that is good.  We get everything until the end.”

“I have great helpers.  They help me each time I race.  Most of the time I have the same helpers, for many many years.  They know me and I know them.  It is perfect.  I have very good helpers.” Surasa says that to perform as well as she does she just couldn’t do the race without help.  “I need so many things.  Without helpers you lose so much time.”

Photo by Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

Surasa is encouraged when she receives letters from friends and supporters.  She really appreciates when people around the world send her best wishes and encouragement.  “When they are praying for me it touches me always, very very deeply. It helps me.  The concern I can feel.  That they make the effort to write.

“When I get messages I am always so grateful, that I have so many nice sisters and brothers around the world.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“This race was challenging because of the weather.  In the end I am so happy and only grateful that I have done it.  You know at the end that it was worth the struggle.  I am just happy that I took the challenge and I could do it.  So at the end there is always gratitude and gratitude.”

The Board at the Start of Day 50…*Note totals may not be accurate… Magic Number is 2,920

Camp early

The weather ahead will be challenging


Ananda-Lahari’s table

Today is Konstantin’s birthday.  He is 45 and Aharan is using his phone to tell him something in Russian

William arrives

50 days of a New York summer have had an affect on his legs.  Sanday his home is looking better all the time.


Surasa arrives

Konstantin prepares ice bags

Rupantar reading up on the daily totals


Ushika and Smarana



Start of Day 50

Hot and muggy

Ushika did 59 miles

He now has 3012 miles

He had a powerful experience last night when he reached 3000 miles.  Another first for him

His finish is predicted for 1pm tomorrow


Alan making his mark

Surasa ran 57 miles

She has 2943

With Vasuprada

The goal in sight


Alan and Aharan discuss


Kaneenika did 57 miles

She now has 2924 miles

Chatting with Dipali

Not much longer


“After a set of repeat sprint drills I usually have a snack.”

Alan shows the official measuring point of the race

Sopan did 60 miles

He has 2924 miles the same as Kaneenika


Running well

Getting mail

The goal so close


William did 54 miles

He now has 2778 miles

“What is orange and sounds like a Parrot?….. A carrot.”

Alan crewed with William for the first time 14 years ago at the West Highland Way.  Kumar on the right from Nepal set a new record for the course.

A lasting friendship


Smarana did 52 miles

He now has 2768

It is really hot

Receiving mail

The long long road


Ananda-Lahari did 53 miles

Running with Ushika

He now has 2694 miles

Doing his best




Birthday cake for Konstantin

He is 45 today

“And just what is going over there with those peanuts?”

Day 50


Sahishnu with his final weekend wrapup

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Tejini reads the Daily Poem

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Poem Tejini


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Now is the time
To challenge
The outer world
And embrace
The inner world.

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  1. Dear Uptal, I follow this blog every day and you do an amazing job. Thank you so much.

    This year, there was no link on the race website to send a message to the runners, so I was unable to do so.

    But, they are all so inspiring and I love how they give of themselves. Best wishes to them all.

    Laura, long time Self transcendence fan.

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