Ushika’s Finish

A great finish

People came

For some their time comes soon

Singers practiced Sri Chinmoy’s Austria song

The Board is changed

The final lap

Sri Chinmoy ultra photo

Across the finish line

Sri Chinmoy ultra photo

t shirt message

Sri Chinmoy ultra photo

Sitting down at last


A glass of water

Songs are sung

Sri Chinmoy ultra photo

Sahishu’s speech

Ushika speaks from the heart

Sri Chinmoy ultra photo

The long journey now over

Sri Chinmoy ultra photo

The race is not over yet

Sri Chinmoy ultra photo

3 responses to “Ushika’s Finish”


    It was really inspiring watching you conquering yourself every single day more and more, and listening to your comments about the experiences you have had along the way.
    Thanks for running the Race and finishing it, you and Max have changed so much and your faces are glowing with light and happiness.
    Gratitude to all.

  2. I find it difficult to comment – the finishes are overwhelming. Just like Ushika said, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude to all and special gratitude to Utpal for bringing us all to the sacred place and sacred moments.

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