Day 46… August 1

Day 46

Camp Early

The Board…Magic Number is 2682

Kobi in a playful mood

Rupantar taking down Vasu’s predicted finish

Surasa arrives

Pouring cups


Getting close


Switzerland is today’s sponsor

Vasu wants to complete 5,000 km

Start Day 46

Light showers early

Vasu ran 61 miles yesterday

He runs for a little with Vladamir a regular runner on the course

They pose for a picture

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Great runner and a great team


Alexei cleaning up

Kobi ran 68 miles

He starts the day with 3013

A great race

He has been amazing


Kobi’s friend Galit and Mario running in the rain

Ushika did 61 miles

He now has 2769

With Max

An expression

Getting mail


Aharan updating the board

Surasa did 59 miles

She now has 2707

With Vasuprada


Let the bells ring

Kaneenika did 61 miles

She now has 2684 miles

With Leelavatee

She makes 2700 this morning


Sopan did 62 miles

He now has 2677 miles

Moving well again


William did 58 miles

He now has 2553 miles

Telling a joke


Alan arrives

Smarana did 55 miles

He now has 2546 miles

Till the end


Constance and the cooks

Ananda-Lahari did the most miles yesterday 70

He now has 2446 miles

Doing his best


Doing this and that


Heroes all

“Boy do you burn up calories running here all day.”

Poem of the Day read by Marco

Click to Play:

Poem Marco


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The inner long distance
Beckons us
To reach the ultimate Goal.

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  1. It seems the start on Father’s Day was only yesterday! Hard to believe there is less than a week left and two finishers! At the risk of repetition, thanks again and again to Utpal and all the runners and helpers who make Guru’s dream a reality here on earth.

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