Category: 3100 Mile Race 2012

  • July 28: Common Goal

    “I have got a present for you, it is from Australia.” 2 nights ago while Grahak was running on the far side of the course a friend of his came by on a bicycle and told him this. At this point he had been on the course for close to 14 hours and run about […]

  • July 27: Enthusiasm God’s Main Food

    Most of the sidewalks in New York city are long, straight and predictable.  It is a big city with lots of people wanting to travel many places quickly.  Many years ago city planners came up with the good idea of simply assigning numbers to all the streets roads and thoroughfares.  So as the busy populace […]

  • July 26: Divine Flow

    “You suffer so little in comparison to what you gain inwardly, which is unimaginably big.”…Pushkar Today is the beginning of the 40th day for all the runners here.  The number itself is a bold milestone on the long road that is now stretching across nearly all off the full wide bright face of summer.  Over […]

  • July 25: Seek My Limits

    “I am really really grateful to have this experience now in the race that I can really run.  Nothing is bothering me.  There are many experiences that you can have in the race and this one I didn’t have yet.  I have the joy now of being able to seek my limits.  Because if you have […]

  • July 24: Encouragement

    “Watching all the other people joining in on the running. They encourage other people.  I find that so exciting.” Larry Washington knows this little block in Queens just about better than anybody else.  He has been a caretaker at Thomas Edison High School for 25 years and most mornings he is out around the school […]

  • July 23: To Make Progress

    “The physical is not the main factor in the race, although you use the physical to keep moving forward.  But something else is happening.  That soul’s world, that reality is what I am trying to think of more today.”….Arpan For some months now Arpan has been dreaming about this day, his 60th birthday.   Clearly […]

  • July 22: This Place Is Paradise

    “From my inner feeling from the first day for me this place is paradise.” Vasu We all like to construct from time to time an imaginary perfect world in our minds.  Unleash the power of our thoughts and allow them to rise up to celestial heights and visit a fanciful haven of our own making.  […]

  • July 21: Conscious, Constant, Unending Patience

    It is just a few minutes past 6 o’clock in the morning and Grahak, with his hands resting on his hips is walking up the ‘hill’ for the first time today. Until just a few minutes earlier he had been running smoothly and then, about 5o meters earlier, he simply down shifted his body into […]

  • July 20: Like Soul Birds

    “I think that it was after a short rain, I had just the feeling or I saw it inwardly that they are not just bodies moving on the track, but I saw 12 beautiful birds flying around the course.  Like soul birds flying flying, and flying.”…..Atmavir When you ask most people what kind of gift […]

  • July 19: Someone Who Knows

    “I don’t know how and why but I know there is someone who knows.  God knows, so I know this is my way.  I want to love God more.  I want to pray more.  I want to cry more for God.  I want to have more purity, simplicity, and devotion.  To please God in his […]