Category: 3100 Mile Race 2012

  • June 20: I Am Helping You

    When your vantage point on the race, is from the safety of the side lines, sometimes you see things you just don’t really want to see.  At 6 am this morning the air is still, bright and promising.  But somewhere in the background of the sky you can feel a tension slowly building hour by […]

  • June 19: Grateful To Be Part Of

    Usually there isn’t much to be gained by taking long backward glances over our shoulders and looking longingly into our past.   Whether it be yesterdays mistakes and failures or even our triumphs over adversity.  Indulging in memories of being conquered by our inner foes or resting our thoughts  on the summit of yesterdays perfection.  Any […]

  • June 18: It Becomes More Than A Race

    I was asked a very good question the other day and unfortunately it is one that I have no answer for.  Simply put, someone asked me, that if a person was not interested in running or sports very much, would they still be able to establish any real connection to the Self Transcendence 3100 mile […]

  • June 17: You Have To Start Somewhere

    “Sometimes I feel like that I have never gone from here.  It is like a continuation of the last one.”  The Self Transcendence race is just minutes old and Sarvagata, like all the other runners, is still warming up.  Loosening up reluctant bits of body, fine tuning his focus, more heart and less mind, and […]

  • June 16: The Great Awakening

    I don’t quite know how to shake free of this feeling I have been having the past few days.  It is as though I am slowly but surely awakening from a deep and total slumber.  That somehow for the past 10 months my world has been shut down, devoid of boundless inner light and wonder.  […]