Category: 3100 Mile Race 2012

  • July 18: Here And Now

    “Sometimes you are injured so what, you do your best.  Sometimes it is hot and you do your best even if it is only 100 laps.  The next day is nice weather and you can do 130.  I always say the most important thing is to do your best.“….Pranjal For most of  humanity the idea […]

  • July 17: Life Of The Beyond

    “I enjoy the race most, all its good qualities and everything when I am completely down.  That amazes me every time.  I had zero energy, I was walking all day and then everything came to me.   All the sympathy from the other runners.  How I love this race.  All the memories from the past.  Wow […]

  • July 16: Inwardly Find A Way

    Once you get in, it is like life, you have to accept the blows, and there are a lot of good things that come along with it. Once you learn how to focus.  The bad things pull your psychic energy and your emotions.  But eventually if you take the right attitude, with a lot of […]

  • July 15: Beginnings

    The wobbling first steps of a young child are always one of the historic experiences in their lives.  It is a unique and precious moment when they are able to pull themselves upright from the ground and move forward on their own,  life ever afterwards is never the same.  Their world, as they daily grow […]

  • July 14: Encouragement -Strength

    There is probably no sporting competition in which the support and encouragement of fans and loved ones does not play some vital role in the ultimate performance of an athlete. Not that long ago when I was more active in running events the sound of someone shouting my name while circling a track or calling […]

  • July 13: Best Out Of Themselves

    The 4 young men were on the playing field for much of the morning.  When they first arrived  they did a long routine of strength and conditioning exercises but it was not clear what sport they were preparing for.   It was obvious though that the slightly older of the 4 was a coach to the […]

  • July 4: Each Time You Take A Step

    Today America is celebrating the biggest and boldest of all its major holidays, for it is the 4th of July, American Independence day.  There will be flag waving and barbecues from coast to coast.  People are getting out early in their cars and are heading for beaches and parks and playgrounds.  This year it is […]

  • July 3: Run With God

    At the 1952 Olympic games in Helsinki an English middle distance runner named Roger Rannister was disappointed at finishing 4th in his race the 1,500 meters.  For him his time was a personal best and also a British record but his achievement came without a gold medal attached. After that race he seriously considered retiring […]

  • July 2: Surrender To The Experience

    The currents of life are so strong that it is nearly impossible for any of us to remain static or immobile for long.  There is no safe lofty perch to cling to and from which we can then view the tsunami of the world beneath us shift and evolve without us being caught up in […]

  • July 1: Love The Unknown

    There are times in all our lives when we genuinely feel inspired to attempt something really difficult.  To courageously step out from our safe well padded fortress of comfort and stability and venture into the unknown. Young people of course do this on an almost daily basis because the nature of youth is to explore […]