Day 13: Happiness Transforms Everything

In the past few days Stutisheel is looking and running like the Stutisheel of past years.  And that means many many past years as this is the 13th time he has entered the race.  He is stronger and his face is bright and smiling and most importantly he is able to run for most of the day.

When asked how he was able to so dramatically change he says, “I still stick to being happy.  I believe happiness transforms everything.”  Stutisheel believes that in a small way he also needed some time to adapt to the pressures of the race but more importantly it was his ability to remain positive that was the deciding factor he believes.

Sri Chinmoy Ultra photo

“A few days ago confidence came to me.  I am confidant that I will continue……and most probably finish.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“Of course we have tough days, look at Vasu.  But still he is trying to smile, through tears and through all his pain. What we call pain on the physical level is probably not suffering at all.  It is just some experience that we need to make.  What I must say through all my 13 years participating in the race, that Sri Chinmoy is managing this race directly.  Without any doubt so that whatever is coming, you just need to accept happily.”

Yesterday he ran 63 miles and now has 727 miles.

The Board Day 13


Counting table


Niriha bringing tea



Wei Ming checking the daily mileage


Wei Ming is ready

Start Day 13

Andrea ran 65 miles

He now has 841 miles

He leads Wei Ming by 67 miles



Wei Ming did 62 miles.  He has done the same amount for the past 10 days.  He leaves the course about 9:30 each night.

He now has 774 miles and leads Harita by 22 miles

Some foot care

A few days ago Wei Ming gave Garima a Taiwan Mets shirt.



Harita ran 63 miles

She now has 752 miles

Taking a break


Laila counting

Vasu did 61 miles

He now has 737 miles

With Sasha


Tatianna singing

Takasumi did 60 miles

He now has 715 miles


Doing well



Ananda-Lahari did 54 miles

He now has 695 miles


The happiness of the soul
Eventually conquers
And transforms
The sadness of the heart.

2 thoughts on “Day 13: Happiness Transforms Everything”

  1. What a lovely report today! Such high spirits, such genuine smiles, even Vasu with his painful hips! A real lift to watch these heroes! GRATITUDE TO ALL!

  2. Great interview with a bright, smiling Stutisheel. His confidence that all is being “managed” is super inspiring.
    No more self-confidence-crisis!
    I am now a God-dependence-oasis.

    —Sri Chinmoy, My Complete God-Surrender-Song

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