Day 15: A Oneness World Family

“I have always felt that oneness is the most powerful aspect in God’s creation, and it comes in three parts.  Oneness with the creator.  Oneness with one’s soul.  And oneness with each other.”

“We are living in a time in which we have to see each other in all of us as members of one family.  One world family.  And this applies not only on earth but across the universe.”

Vajra bicycles over to the race every morning at a shockingly early time of the morning or very late at night, take your pick.  He then spends several hours collecting all the trash that has accumulated over the late hours.  He is meticulous and will not even leave a bottle cap as long as his headlamp can spot it.

It is not an obsessive thing in any way but because of his deep love of the race and the 7 runners who work so hard he feels a deep responsibility to keep the course they run upon as sacred as possible.  So he does his job with dignity, with mindfulness, and more importantly with heart.  For Vajra, once you have met him will surprise you with just how truly wide open heart is really is.  One that generously seems to have room for anyone who crosses his path.

Vajra feels very much a part of not just the physical challenges of the race but also to keep bright and alive the very spirit of transcendence which is at the very core of what happens here.

” I feel my oneness with them.  I can never stress just how important that one factor is.  You grow with each runner as they go through their problems.  And it makes you a far better person, as well as that individual.”

The Board at the Start of Day 15

Sahishnu’s week 2 wrap up





Wei Ming







Andrea ran 71 miles

He now has 977 miles

He leads Wei Ming by 78 miles

Reaching 1000 miles and setting a new Italian record.


3 hours have passed

Wei Ming did 62 miles

He now has 899

There were times this morning when he seemed to be sprinting at top speed

Receiving mail.  He leads Harita by 21 miles


Lunch has arrived

Harita ran 63 miles

She has 878 miles

She leads Stutisheel by 23 miles

Having a great race


Anjali counting Harita

Stutisheel did 64 miles

He now has 855 miles

He leads Vasu by 8 miles

Medur checking on how much Andrea will break the Italian 1000 mile record

Vasu did 62 miles

He now has 847 miles

Feeling much better


Looking at results of 24 hour race in London

Takasumi did 59 miles

He now has 835 miles

With Nina



Ananda-lahari did 60 miles

He now has 831 miles

Stutisheel having a little fun




An interview with Mark Dorion

Only oneness within
And oneness without
Can save this world.

4 thoughts on “Day 15: A Oneness World Family”

  1. Wow, A spectacular day of interviews with (and photos of) the true jewels of humanity. Thank you, Vajra, for your humble and sincere service. One often says that we “love and pray for humanity” but in your case, these aren’t idle words but committed actions. Then you give us bonus videos of Sahishnu, Andreas and Mark. What a great day — gratitude!

  2. Such great interviews. So great to see Mark Dorian there. Sahishnu’s wrap up is so fun to listen. Vajra’s Service is absolutely inspiring!!!! Utpal, thank you!!!

  3. I love following each runner’s journey and listening to everyone’s interviews. It’s all so beautiful and very inspiring! Vajra is too special. Thank you Utpal.

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