Day 8: A Whole New Experience

There may be times when Harita frowns, but I have not seen it.  There may be times when she grumbles, but I have not heard it.  And there may be times when she just might wish she was any other place than spending 18 hours each day running around Thomas Edison High school.  But after observing her calm steady demeanor and unflagging cheerfulness over many years I doubt the third thing can even exist in her steadfast and cheerful commitment to running the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence race for the 3rd time.

On her 7th day of the race she ran 62 miles and now over the past week she ran 440 miles.

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

Being strong and mentally fit are a given necessity of being in this race but it is her positive unflinching optimism and cheer that are what set her apart from most others.

Sri Chinmoy ultra photos

“I am really really grateful that the race was able to happen.  I can feel my soul and my inner being being so happy to do this.  I really hope that a whole lot of people are getting some joy from this.”

The Board at the start of Day 8





Wei Ming

Pipasa decorating

Rupantar getting ready


Wei Ming





Start Day 8

Sahishnu week 1 wrap up


Andrea leads the race with 510 miles

He ran 68 miles yesterday

He leads Vasu by 40 miles


Palash playing her banjo

Vasu ran 60 miles yesterday

He has 470 miles

He leads Wei Ming by 9 miles


Nina drawing a Japanese flag

Wei Ming did 62 miles yesterday

He now has 461 miles

With Renny his translator

He leads Harita by 21 miles


Peterson and Medur

Ananda-Lahari did 53 miles

He now has 418 miles


Rupantar and Garima

Takasumi ran 59 miles

He now has 414 miles

With Nina


Stutisheel ran 60 miles

He has 413 miles


“I like this a lot but of course the snacks aren’t bad either.”

Each new experience
Can be
A new and fulfilling adventure.

3 thoughts on “Day 8: A Whole New Experience”

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful interview with our NZ sister Harita. She is so full of joy and inspiring to so many. Thx for your service.

  2. Hi, I’ve recently knew about the race. I’m so impressed about not only the distance (incredible) but also the volunteers, the attitude, the motivation from the first race with Sri Chinmoy till now.

    Congratulates you all for this adventure. My best wises for all the athletes. Thanks for share the videos and this wonderfull adventure.

    (sorry about my English if is not very good. I’m writing from Spain)

  3. ======
    Neither resolution
    Nor revolution
    But soulful evolution
    Will transform the world.

    — Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 79 (#7,883]

    Through their bravery, willingness, strength and conscious aspiration — these runners and all the dedicated helpers (and reporters 🙂 are soulfully evolving and transforming our world. All gratitude to each of you.

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