Day 7: We Are So Fortunate

The full scripts of each of our lives are impossible to predict.  Seldom if not not ever do we ever really know just what will happen next.  The great scribe of life no doubt knows but it cannot be revealed to us until the moment passes and the page is turned.  I had made an assumption that after a 5 years absence Stutisheel would unlikely ever run in the Self-Transcendence race again.   I was wrong.

He has been running now for 6 days and in that time he has accumulated 352 miles.  When asked if ever had any doubts that he would ever return again and run the race he laughs.  For him it was absurd to imagine that he would not come to back and perch himself every morning at 6am on the starting line.  It was just a matter of all the right bureaucratic  planets to lining up.  Whenever that took place he would be able to return to New York and run this race for the 13th time.

Sri Chinmoy Ultra photos

I am clearly not a great prognosticator.  At this point, I would now hazard to guess that his Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race days are far from over.

The history of his life and his family are so closely intertwined with the race that at age 51 he has a lot of races yet to be run. His is an inspirational life with a message that has reached out to many far and wide promoting tirelessly self-transcendence.

Some precious moments

Sri Chinmoy Ultra photos


The Board at the start of Day 7


The counting table



Peterson and Garima

Rupantar prepares to video

Harita and Harashita


Stutisheel talking to his daughter Alakananda

Sri Chinmoy Ultra photos



Wei Ming

Start Day 7

Andrea is in first place

He ran 68 miles yesterday

He has 441 miles and leads Vasu by 32 miles


It’s Vera’s birthday today

Vasu did 51 miles

He has 409 miles

He leads Wei Ming by 11 miles


Sahishnu and Vasu

Wei Ming did 63 miles

He has 398 miles

He has 398 miles and leads Harita by 20 miles


Sahishnu checking results

Harita did 61 miles

She has 378 miles

She is in 4th position

With some of her crew



Ananda-Lahari did 56 miles

He has 364 miles


Marina congratulates Vera on her birthday

Takasumi had a good day with 59 miles

He now has 354 miles

With Nina


“Just let me know when a runner comes.”

We are so fortunate
That our hearts do not believe
In limitation-boundaries.

3 thoughts on “Day 7: We Are So Fortunate”

  1. Thank you Utpal for all your reports, everything is so inspiring, and all the runners are special in their own way.
    The Enthusiasm Awakeners Group is really missing, Parvati and girls have brought so much joy and inspiration over years to everybody. Hope to see them next year.

  2. Utpal, you keep the whole world in touch with the Race. Thank you so much for such tremendous Service!

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