Day 8…The Happy Way (June 25)

Andrey Andreev has been a regular at the annual 10 Day race in Flushing Meadow.  For 10 straight years he has participated and his performances culminated last year in 2016 when he set his personal best of 629 miles.  The kind of miles that clearly demonstrated that he had the capacity to take the large step up to the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race.

So far he has put in 7 days and is getting ever closer to going longer and further than he has ever run before.  He likes to keep the mood light and is quick to find humor and make a joke.  This morning when we talked he told me his race was amazing so far.  Particularly after yesterday.  When questioned further he says, “I got some sleep.” (laugh)

Andrey says that in the 10 Day race there are more options to take breaks and sleep.  But during this race the allowance for rest is very very tight.  Too much time off your feet and the goal of 3100 miles will disappear.  Andrey has 388 miles so far 7 days.  He ran 46 miles yesterday.

Asked what has surprised him about the race so far, “I was surprised by the seriousness.  But now it has just become normal.  I can’t even tell what the seriousness is all about.”  Lyalya who is helping with translation interjects, “he is a philosopher.”

“Yesterday I got a feeling that I can overcome this distance in a happy way.  This particular way I am very interested in.  I hope that I can always remain happy during the race.”

I ask him, of such qualities as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, what is his view on how they should work for him.  “They are all important.  But of course the most important is spiritual.  Because we have to be able to become more spiritual.”

“This spiritual aspect I am trying to get to know better.  I hope that it comes to the fore.  Because there is no other way here.  You learn new things, and discover new things, and I try and live by all those new spiritual discoveries.”

“Every time you have a new spiritual discovery, or illumination, or awakening.  This is something that we have always wanted.  This is something that we have always needed it.”

Newness and fullness
Do not have to be invented;
They can be discovered
In our inner life

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, part 15, Agni Press, 1999

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The board after 7 days

All quiet

Wet shoes and a wet bunny still drying from yesterday

Nisanga arrives for his last shift at the race

Medur adjusting the webcam

Alan delivering the daily race reports

Yolanda’s bunny

Kaneenika and Harita arrives

Stutisheel updates the board

Alan gets some help from Vajra for his shoulder which he hurt this morning

Yolanda taking her daily start picture of the board.

Alan giving some advice to Nirbhasa

The girls

Checking out the results

Andre and Sergey

Databir giving some affection to Nirbhasa before he goes

Start Day 8

For the time being it is a quiet and beautiful Sunday morning

Pradeep is visiting the race this week and starts his morning with sun gazing

Vasu leads after 7 days with 483 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday.

Not too long into the morning it becomes hectic on the course as the field inside is being used to celebrate the Muslim Eid Mubarak

A bit of green

Nirbhasa did a terrific day, considering the rain with 65 miles

He has 468 miles

He is in 2nd place

Running with Smarana

Pradeep will be helping Nirbhasa for the rest of the week


Smarana did the most miles yesterday with 66

He is in 3rd place with 428 miles


Kaneenika ran 60 miles yesterday

She leads the girls with 427 miles


Harita also ran 60 miles

She is 2nd girl with 425 miles

At the start of the day she is 2 miles behind Kaneenika


Yolanda did 58 miles

She has 417 miles


Nidhruvi did 55 miles

She has 409 miles

She is doing well

A bit of green

Always cheerful Pradeep


Sergey did his most mileage so far, 63 miles

He now has 396 miles

Putting on some sun screen

Utsahi and Alan manning the barricade

Ripening green

Ananda-Lahari did 48 miles

He now has 382 miles

Getting some help in camp

“Some like to watch the race from the tops of trees and some like to watch down around the toes of shoes.  Me, I like it right here at eye level.  Look em in the eye as they go by.”

Sahishnu updating the board

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Suhasini Reads the Daily Prayer:

suhasini poem

Suhasini, an always cheerful presence has been coming to help at the race every year since 2011.  “Since 7 years.”

“For me helping is another way to be able to get divine qualities.  You get humility, you get eagerness, you get enthusiasm, you get power….to get up early.  You get the peaceful start here too.  You try and gain good qualities each day you come.”

“I look forward for the race to start.  It was a beautiful day and it was Father’s Day.  It is like your offering to Guru.  Then I look forward to it ending.  But I do enjoy all the things happening every day.  You see the runners progress and everything.”

“It is beautiful.  It is a beautiful experience to observe everything.  And I take it for granted.  I know not too many people have the privilege to come and spend the whole 2 months and be able to serve the race. I am Happy.”

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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The happiness of the heart
Always paves a sunlit way
To arrive at the Goal.

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