Day 7… Seeking Motivation (June 24)

Off and on over the past week at the 3100 mile race Ray Krolewicz has been a significant presence.  He has helped fix cars, fix feet and more importantly the lump of grey matter sitting in a lot of peoples heads.  He has inspired and guided, not just those on the course but any all who so easily got swept up in his loving personality and sometimes boundless energy.

He is one of the very few who was personally invited by Sri Chinmoy 10 years ago to come and run the race.  But was advised at the time that the moment for such an undertaking had yet to come.  In 2014 at age 59 Ray decided that it was the right time, and though he may have been disappointed at not completing the 3100 miles he settled for a not too insignificant 2014 miles instead.

Today he is appropriately wearing a t shirt which says, “Go Beyond.” Before he left the course I talked with him.  I first wanted to know what drew him here so much over the past week.

“Seeking motivation for life in general, running, and this event specifically.”

What he came away from his race here in 2014 he says, “sore feet, sore legs, a lot of friendship, and a lot of understanding of things  much bigger than me.” Foremost he says though he says, “things aren’t as easy as they look.”

“I would like to finish this race some time and not just be here.  I can be here and help and give encouragement and everything but I would like to come here and actually complete this event.”

“I was at the 2007 6 day race in Flushing Meadow and I had a conversation with Guru which I frequently did since I first met him in 1983.  And I talked about this event, and that I hadn’t gotten to run it because of teaching and working summers.  Which took a large block of time.  He told me that I should come and run it.  I said this year?  And he said no, not this year.  You will know when the time is right.”

In that race he says, “I gave it my best shot.  I don’t regret that but maybe that wasn’t the right time? Maybe the right time will actually happen later.”

“I think all events combine the inner and the outer.  There is an intensity to every event.  This race you  have to very carefully stretch it out and spread it so that you don’t burn out.  But if you were only running a 5 km race, and really seeking to excel and do the best that you can do.  You have to look for both the inner and the outer to succeed and do the best you can do.”

“I want to continue running and maybe improve my running.  I know I can never be again the runner I was in the 1980’s, but I think I can be a lot better than I have so far in the teens.  I would like to find that place where I am running as well as I can run with my age.  And not just be out there merely participating.  But actually trying to do performances.”

“Even when I was gone for a few days I checked the site.  I am jealous of the runners.  I am envious of the fact that they are here and continuing on and I am coming in bits and pieces but being here has in fact been motivational and inspirational to watch them and help me achieve whatever I can achieve going forward.”

Ray feels the race is a great teacher.  It helps you learn to be able to accept whatever is happening.  “Good days bad days.  We have watched different runners every year, this year in particular have good and bad days and recover and then come back.  It teaches patience.”

“It is one of the things that Sri Chinmoy tried to teach all of us.  Be patient.  Know when the time is right, not just for this event.  But for everything, and work towards the larger goals in life.”

I shall powerfully
Dominate my mind
And request my heart
To untiringly motivate my life.

Sri Chinmoy, Today, Agni Press, 1996

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The board after day 6

The camp is quiet

Yuri getting the food table ready

Very soon heavy rains will come

Yolanda is first

Her table

Harita and Savita arrive

Nisanga has one more day before he goes home

Medur working on the webcam

Kaneenika arrives

Sasha helping Andre with his feet

Nirbhasa arrives

Last minute things

Start Day 7

Very soon torrential rains come

Harita and Nidhruvi


Yolanda getting some help from Suhashini

Still all smiles



Still umbrellas

By 10 the rain stopped. Vasu once again did 68 miles

He has 419 miles and during the rain knows the importance of taking good care of your feet.

Talking with Utsahi

Lots of umbrellas

Nirbhasa did 65 miles

He has 402 miles

Nirbhasa is in 2nd place

Having a coffee on the go

Kaneenika did 60 miles

Kaneenika is the leading girl with 367 miles


Harita did 60 miles

Getting a massage

Harita has 365 miles

Pink friend with pink flower

Smarana did 48 miles

He has 361 miles

Wet friends drying

Yolanda did 61 miles

She did the most mileage of the girls

She has 358 miles


Nidhruvi did 52 miles

She has 354 miles

Andrey did 60 miles.  He has 341 miles

Wet and on the fence

Alan updating the board after it has dried out

Ananda-Lahari did 53 miles

He has 334 miles

Getting some advice

Ananda-Lahari in camp


Sergey had a very good 62 miles

Sergey has 333 miles

By mid morning

“That rain has just ruined my new sofa.  Now I will have to go all the way back to Ikea and get a new ‘Ektorp’.

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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When we encourage others
With no personal motives,
We raise high, very high,
Humanity’s progress-standard.

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  1. Thanks as always.
    Rain, shine & wind – the metaphor warps up the race in one morning.

  2. Thank you so much! Great people!
    I’m waiting for the webcam to work, especially during the rain 🙂
    Looovely squirrel!

  3. We know from other runners that even to get to the starting line is an amazing achievement and we remember Ray running here in 2014. Determination is written in his face. May he find the place and run again!

  4. hat a great female team we are having this year. CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE ALL AMAZING and I thank you for your inspiration It is also raining in Salzburg. Utpal thank you for keeping my life line open,, Much gratitude Bigalita

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