Month: June 2017

  • Day 3…Follow Your Heart (June 20)

    After 2 days of running Harita Davies has more than proven she belongs with this extraordinary group of distance runners attempting to complete 3100 miles.  Among the women athletes she ran the most laps on day 2 and is currently tied with Kaneenika and Nidhruvi for 2nd place (4th overall).  She starts her 3rd day […]

  • Day 2…I Want To Have More Joy (June 19)

    Smarana is running the race for the 8th time.  It is a great achievement for any runner particularly when you consider that he completed the race each of the 7 times he has run before.  What makes Smarana’s story so unique though is that it has been 9 years since he last ran.  I, like […]

  • Day 1… Transcendence Is Perfection (June 18)

    It was a foggy warm start for the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race this morning For Harita this will be her first race Nirbhasa is back at the race for the 2nd time.  He ran last in 2015 Nidhruvi making a last minute call It has been 9 years for Smarana since he last ran Harita […]

  • The Day Before the Start of 3100 Mile Race 2017

    At the end of the very first 3100 mile race in 1997 Sri Chinmoy the founder of the race said” “These 3,100 miles remind us of one divine and supreme reality: we can and we must do everything at our command to transform the world of lethargy and unwillingness to be dynamic. Unwillingness we do […]