Peace Run Camarthen….March 14

The Peace Run approaches Camarthen city hall

approaching city hall-1200264

On the steps.

city hall-1200267

Daffodils are growing everywhere

church tower-1200270

At Ysgol Y Dderwen School

yard 2-1200276

Having a funny moment

devashishu laughin-1200310

Touching the torch


Enjoying the Peace Run

kids 2-1200319

Holding the torch

kids 3-1200323

Never to forget


Each will take their turn

torch rasmivan-1200300

New horizons


Learning about the world

kids 4-1200332

Its your turn


Always something new to learn and enjoy

yard balavan-1200278

Through joy it is so much easier to learn

kids 5-1200334

Making new friends

kids 7-1200341

High 5

kids 9-1200354

Time to go inside

kids 8-1200349Mayor Councillor Barry Williams

mayor and devashishu-1200381

Time to feel peace

inside kids3-1200366

Headteacher Mr. Dylan Evans speaks to his students.


On behalf of the school he receives the Peace Run certificate


Devashishu teaches the Peace Run song

inside devasishishu-1200378

“So remember.  We are running around the world altogether.

Peace Run Song:


inside kids4-1200373

The choir sings


Click to Play Singers:

kids choir

What does peace look like

inside kids2-1200365

“I am Steven Thomas and I am a long time supporter of the Peace Run.”

“It is an outreach of what I have been involved with for many years.  I was based at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff for about 15 years.  We also welcomed the Peace Run on a number of occasions.”

“Our work was partly educational, be that with young people in Wales or with adults on some of the big issues of the day.  Partly campaigning on Peace related issues and human rights issues.  But often it was political almost diplomatic.  It was therefore a pleasure to have a slightly different approach.  One which, for many of the people involved in the Peace Run comes from a spiritual source.  To referring to some of the same issues from a different angle.”

“That is why it was useful to be involved and support it in different ways.


Steven Thomas on right. Inauguration of Peace Statue 2012

About the Peace Run….”It will be memorable for certain individuals.  I would compare it with things we used to do at the Temple of Peace with schools.  Which were more perhaps cerebral.  We would get older children to take part in model United Nations meetings where they would represent countries.  That I could see could appeal to slightly more academic children.”

“This approach will have sparked something and will be a clear memory for a certain cross section of the children.  Some of them will remember this clearly.  It will be an inspiration if even a thought provoking moment.  Which they will be able to build upon in the future.”

Hope For the Future…. “I do, partly because we are still here in 2016, despite the excesses and the terrible things that have happened in the past. Also because the Sri Chinmoy Peace Run and other institutions that I have been involved with.   International aid organizations, the Temple of Peace in Wales, are still there as a bedrock.  Sometimes an alternative to what some of the bigger world powers are doing.”

“In many ways we represent the majority, in our beliefs, and our hopes for the future.  So you are right.  I am not overly pessimistic about things.  They will continue.”

Click to Play Interview with Steven Thomas:

Steven Thomas

Peace is the heart of my future
And not the mind of my past.