Peace Run Laugharne….March 13

The Peace Run arrived in Laugharne.  Once the home of well loved Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas

In-front-of-officeJanaka Spence, a Scottish Writer spoke about Dylan Thomas

“I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to be taking part.”

“Yesterday I bought the Guardian Newspaper, which I only buy on a Saturday to read the book pages.  They had a feature on how different people dealt with death.”

“The headline on the front page was, do not go gentle.  Anyone who has read Dylan Thomas would be able to finish the line.   Do not go gentle into that good night.”


“How many poets, living or dead are that you could give half a line and reading public would be able to complete that line.  His poetry had that wonderful incantatoray quality to it.  I discovered his work when I was 17 or 18.  We are talking 50 years ago.  I was a young man in Glasgow reading a lot.  I discovered this incredible work.  It was like nothing that I had ever read before.”

“I didn’t understand half of it.  But that didn’t matter.  He called his poetry ferocious and un-understandable.”

“Sri Chinmoy the inspiration behind the Peace Run he once wrote.”

You do not have to understand; just believe. You do not have to believe; just keep your eyes wide open.

Sri Chinmoy, To-morrow’s dawn, Agni Press, 1982


“Dylan Thomas opened my eyes with the glory of language.  He inspired me to become a writer.  Sri Chinmoy was a great admirer of his work.  There are a few poets that he said a a psychic quality.  A kind of mystical quality to their work.”

“He talked about Keats in that respect, Emily Dickinson, and Dylan Thomas.  He also said that Dylan was much misunderstood.  But he recognized the psychic quality in his works.  The word that springs to mind that Sri Chinmoy would use about that quality is mantric.  It invokes the qualities that it is describing.”

“He invested language with that incredible spiritual power.  That is why people are still reading him all these years after his passing.”


“The town sang and danced, as though it were right and proper as the rainbow or the rare sun to celebrate the old bright turning earth and its bullied people. Are you surprised that people still can dance and sing in a world on its head? The only surprising thing about miracles, however small, is that they sometimes happen.”
– Dylan Thomas, from On the Air with Dylan Thomas: The Broadcasts

“I think today has been something of a miracle.  From start to finish.”

“Thank you all for welcoming the Peace Run.  It is a great and very special honor to be here.”….Janaka Spence

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Janaka Laugharne


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Women’s Choir Carmarthen

“I’d love to welcome you to Laugharne.  We know it is the first time that you have been here, and you are more than welcome.  We are incredibly proud of the beauty of the countryside and our streetscapes.   The fabulous buildings and everything else.  This building I have a particular pride in as this corporation has been here uninterrupted for over 700 years.  It predates parliament.”

“I am not sure that is a good thing at all.  It is a quirky little town.  It has always been full of characters.  We are the only corporation to survive in the UK.  I think it was the quirkiness and the beauty that inspired Dylan.  He was certainly happier here than he was anyplace else.”


“He is one of our most famous modern Welsh writers.  We have of course much more ancient writers.Who were probably writing about the time that the corporation began.  Who are equally famed in their own way.”…The Portreeve


“On your journey you pass around this flaming torch.  You offer an opportunity for so many people to make a personal wish for peace.  Today you offer us that same opportunity.  In doing so.  You invite us to be part of your achievement.  to feel your joy and triumph in not only conquering the great distances in life but also the personal and practical difficulties of the journey.”

“You seem to me to be present a fine coming together of discipline and enthusiasm.  So I would like to welcome you all.”….Mayor

“In this tranquil landscape where the peace is only broken when England beat Wales in rugby.  We see the awfulness of conflict and war in a somewhat disconnected way.  In edited television reports and the newspapers.

“We can only imagine the anguish of displaced people who have lost their homes, their countries, and often their families.  While the great world powers stand by seemingly impotent.”


“The peace torch you bring today, may have been held by great leaders but it also has been held by millions of ordinary people.  People of peace and good will everywhere will appreciate your efforts.  Meeting you is a reminder to all of us who have chosen to serve our community, that we can call on an inner strength to help us put and get things right.  We can remember this flame, and when we do we will be reminding ourselves, that yes.  Peace really does start with me.  So on behalf of the County Council, Laughrne corporation, and Laughrne township community council.  We wish you every success on your onward journey.”

“We hope the beauty of Laughrne and Wales and the warmth of the welcome will stay with you.  Thank you and best wishes and good luck”….Councillor Jane Tremlett

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The view besides Dylan Thomas’s writing shed.


The door is open

insideThe desk


The tide is coming in.


French students suddenly appear

FrenchLaundry on a line.
Estuary3On to the Boathouse, once home to Dylan Thomas


Time for tea


Hannah Ellis, The granddaughter of Dylan Tomas is there to greet the runners.  She shows Janaka where her Mothers ashes have been scattered.  They talk about her Grandfather and his work

janaka2 A bench in the back garden welcomes all to come and take a welcome rest to all.


The funny this is, I find myself Going back again and again.


One more song from the Corran Singers:

Womens Choir Carmarthen 2

When my heart,
My heart’s eagerness
And I
Run fast along
The road of life,
Peace proudly runs with us.

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